Tower Tumbling – a review for The Toadstool

Tower Tumbling – a review for The Toadstool

Tumbling Towers    Brio Monorail Airport Set

We love wooden toys, you know that don’t you!  They are so tactile, they always look lovely and with a very nearly 4 year old Monkey I know that wooden toys will last.  I’ve been a fan of Plan Toys for quite some time, so I was really pleased when our latest #ToadTest arrived from The Toadstool – Tower Tumbling. This is a lovely wooden game from Plan Toys, a newly stocked range for The Toadstool.

Tumbling TowersTower Tumbling is made from 100% rubberwood using water based dyes, and is aimed at children over 3 years of age, so great for Monkey.  This is a very simple game which teaches colour, counting and number recognition, works on fine motor skills as well as problem solving.  It’s actually kept us all entertained since we unwrapped it.

Tower Tumbling comes with 5 double-sided bases – one side shows colours, the other shows numbers from 1-5.

Tower Tumbling Tower Tumbling

 There are 15 coloured wooden play pieces ….

Tower Tumbling Tower Tumbling

Tower Tumbling has two levels of play – the first, Basic level, concentrates on colour recognition and counting skills and the ability to stack the correct pieces on top of each coloured base to make a tower – will you build a tower before it tumbles!!

Tower Tumbling Tower Tumbling

There is a more Advanced level too, using the number side of the bases – number recognition, counting skills and more problem solving required to make a secure tower.

DSC00261 Tower Tumbling

I wondered what my little construction engineer would make of Tower Tumbling.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.  He’s loved this game.  Normally he loves knocking towers down, but he actually got quite upset the first time he experienced Tower Tumbling.  He’d worked so hard with balancing all the pieces, he really wasn’t happy when the tower fell over!  So he started again – patience and perseverance – good lessons to be learnt.  We began Tower Tumbling working on the basic level focussing on colours.

We’ve had a little play with the numbered side too.  One of Monkey’s targets at Nursery School at the moment is to recognise numbers from 1-5!  This is the perfect game to try and help him achieve this goal.  He is good at counting, not so good with taking the time to learn what numbers actually look like.  We will be spending a lot of time in the future using this game to help him, in a fun way.

The play pieces are wonderfully smooth and well made, the colours are bright, I do wish there was a bigger shade difference between the orange and red. But that’s a personal wish rather than a defect.  I like the fact that you could pop this game in a bag and take it away with you, the pieces are large enough not to get lost.  The game can be played individually or as a family, working together, having fun, whilst learning.  My favourite kind of game.

To learn more about this game and other Plan Toys products stocked by The Toadstool why not pop over to Twitter at 8pm this Wednesday 4th December for our latest #ToadTest party.  You can also have a sneak peek of some of the reviews over at The Reading Residence’s linky.

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  1. That looks like a really interesting toy. We recently discovered PLAN toys when we were sent a wooden build it yourself robot. I have to say I am very impressed and will be looking for more of their toys in the future!

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