Tractor Ted – Book reviews – Meets the Animals and Big Machines – AD sent for review

disclosure: we were sent the 2 books mentioned for the purpose of review, our comments, however, remain our own honest thoughts.

As you know we love all things Tractor Ted so when we received some of the Tractor Ted books to review I was very interested to see what my son thought to them. Tractor Ted selection

The first one we read was Tractor Ted Meets the Animals (there is also an accompanying DVD) …..


The book talks you through the various animals that live in Tractorland, and the different names for males, females and baby animals such as the sheep shown on the page below.


We also have to guess which animal lives where, as you can see on this page.


Each of the 32 pages contains lovely photographs and clear text.  My son loved this book straight away and I can see this being great as he learns to read too. An added bonus for us is the pages that focus on the farm machinery and the jobs they do around the farm for the benefit of the animals.  We’ve all learnt something from reading this book.

At the end of the book are a few activity pages like the one shown below to make the children think about what they’ve learnt by reading the book.


The next book we read was Tractor Ted Big Machines. Our first Tractor Ted purchase was the DVD that goes with this book, which has now spawned our Tractor Ted obsession!


Having the DVD, and that being a huge hit in this house, I had big expectations for the book.  As with the … Meets the Animals book, this book has wonderful photographs throughout and clear text.


The book follows the storyline of the DVD, introducing us to the different machines that help in the construction of a new barn at Tractorland.  To say that this book was a hit with my son would be an understatement.  He loves books with factual information about machinery, so this is a firm favourite now.


We learn all about the machinery involved in harvesting the wheat and see the new barn being filled with grain.  The book is a great add-on to the DVD, but also works as a stand-alone read.

As with the first book mentioned there are a few activity pages at the back of the book to test your child’s memory.

Both books retail at £4.99 (2013 price) which I think is really reasonable, and actually, I’ve bought 2 additional titles as Daddy P and I were so impressed with the books mentioned above. I can also highly recommend All About Tractors and In the Summertime!


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