Tractor Ted – DVD Review – In the Springtime and Big Machines

disclosure:  We purchased the Big Machines DVD ourselves, but were sent the In The Springtime DVD for the purpose of review, our comments throughout, remain our own, honest thoughts.

When we had lunch on a trip to Cotswold Farm Park earlier in the year, my son was given his in a Tractor Ted cardboard box lunchbox.  With him being slightly obsessed with Tractors, I saved the box and checked out the Tractor Ted website when we got home.  We joined the Tractor Ted Fan Club and ordered the Big Machines DVD. Tractor Ted Big Machines DVD Tractor Ted Big Machines DVD

I’d been saving the DVD for a rainy day, so when one came along, I showed him what I’d bought for him.  He was so excited.  We put it in the player and got comfy on the sofa.

He didn’t move a muscle for the next 40 minutes – he was spellbound, and I have to say, I was too.

Tractor Ted is a little green tractor who lives in Tractorland. He talks you through real live coverage of the various Big Machines that you would find on an arable farm and tells you what they all do.  My son just loved learning about the Combine Harvesters and Tractors, and I have to say that I learnt a lot too.  We also watched a new barn being constructed and how each machine had a role to play in the build.  The factual content of this DVD (and the rest of the range) is brilliant, it’s aimed at the over 3-year-olds, so perfect for him.  As with all the DVD’s in the range (there are 16 in total), there are catchy little songs to sing which he now loves singing to me at every opportunity.

I was so impressed with this DVD that I was thrilled when the lovely people at Tractor Ted sent us a selection of DVD’s and Books to look through. Tractor Ted selection Tractor Ted selection

My son was beside himself when we opened the package – what to watch or read first???  Since our delivery arrived a couple of weeks ago, we have watched every DVD countless times and re-read all the books.  He absolutely loves them all, I really like the educational aspect.  We’ve all learnt something and when we visited the Tractor Ted Farm show at the weekend we added to our collection – that’s how much we like them.

The first DVD we watched was Tractor Ted in the Springtime.  As you can guess, this is one of a series of 4 ‘season’ DVD’s, so a great way of showing children what happens on the farm during the entire year.  You can also buy an accompanying book for each DVD with lots of factual information to read through. Tractor Ted in The Springtime DVD Tractor Ted in The Springtime DVD

Spring is probably my favourite season, so I was eager to see what the DVD would show us.  We got to meet baby lambs and calves as well as some adorable puppies.  He was thrilled to see the chickens being fed and eggs being collected.  Les the Tractor Driver (his new hero) is on hand to mend a fence and we take a trip to the sawmill to see a gate being made.  There’s lots more to keep the family entertained.  My son loved seeing all the animals, but there was also a good mix of machines too, to hold his attention for the full 40 minutes.

There are also songs you can sing along to during the DVD, and you can watch them separately (a feature of all the DVD’s).  At the end of the DVD, you can watch snippets of the other Season DVD’s.

We thoroughly enjoyed both DVD’s and will share our thoughts on the others items we received over the coming weeks.

The DVD’s retail at £9.99 each (2013 price) and I think this represents great value for money as they are really educational and presented in a way that holds a child’s attention.  The Tractor Ted range can be purchased directly through the website or through retailers across the country.


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