Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi – review and giveaway

As you all know my parents live in Spain, unfortunately we can’t be with them this Christmas but every time we’ve flown in the past I’ve been stressed out about one particular thing – the car seat! If we’ve hired a seat with the car hire company, it’s been a pain to figure out how to fit it, and we have no idea who has used it, has it been in an accident.  The last time we flew, we took our own seat.  This just resulted in me stressing on both flights – is it still in one piece, will it be there with our luggage.  To be honest it’s one stress I could do without.  The lovely team at Trunki heard my plight and sent my their BoostApak and Yondi.  No more stress for me.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

We received the BoostApak in Green and there was only one choice for the Yondi really – we had to have a Monkey didn’t we!

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

The Trunki BoostApak is designed for children aged between 4-12 years (15-36kgs) and is a great travel Booster seat.  We’ve been putting it through its paces over the last couple of weeks.  It is super easy to install and fits as well in Daddy P’s Landrover as it does in my little Peugeot.

As you can see, you can use it as a back pack, it’s too big for Monkey to wear at the moment, but with the rate he’s growing it won’t be long before he can fully take ownership of his BoostApak!  The front straps have reflective strips which is a nice safety feature at this time of year especially.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

It’s compact and comfy and we will be able to take it as hand luggage on future flights.  It even has a storage area under the seat for toys, books, pencils, snacks and the like.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

Now, how about using it as a booster seat?  Well it’s easy, put the BoostApak on your car sea, undo the booster seat back (held down with velcro), lift the two green arm rests and push back until they click, fit the shoulder support strap (adjustable) to your seat belt and you are ready to roll.  It takes a minute.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

Monkey loves his BoostApak; especially when he’s used it in my car as the base is higher than his normal car seat, so he gets a better view as we’re travelling.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

The really great thing about this product is that we Monkey can have sleepovers at friends and they and stay here.  No need for anyone to transfer big, bulky booster seats from one car to another.  We’ll just use the BoostApak which Monkey will have filled with his favourite toys, pj’s and wash bag.  Sorted! He is desperate for his best friend to stay with us, and then for us to take them both out for the day.  Now, it’s not a problem at all.

The BoostApak can even be used at the dinner table, so no more sitting on cushions at friends houses or struggling in restaurants.  It’s a great product and I’m really impressed. The Green and Pink BoostApak options are available for £44.99 and there are also Lotus F1 and Hello Kitty versions available for £49.99.

We also received the Trunki Yondi which is a Head and Neck Support for children over the age of 2 years.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

I wish we’d discovered these a couple of years ago as I always used to fret when I saw Monkey falling asleep and then forward in his car seat.  How on earth he didn’t get a sore neck I will never know!

We opted for the Monkey Yondi, but there are seven different character options available in all sorts of colours.

Monkey couldn’t even wait until we got in the car to start using his Monkey Yondi!

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

Strange child!  The plush material is really soft and you can see how well it supports him. The Yondi connects under the chin with two hidden magnets, and Monkey felt comfortable wearing it.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

I haven’t been able to catch him snoozing with his Yondi but he’ll happily wear it anyway.

Trunki BoostApak and Yondi

The Yondi comes with a Trunki Grip, which would be great for younger children if they like to snuggle up with a favourite blanket whilst travelling.  I can see us using the Yondi on flights too, Monkey can sleep in a little more comfort.  The Yondi is priced at £12.99.

The Trunki BoostApak and Yondi are great additions to our travel accessories and I can recommend both products.

disclaimer: we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review.


I’m really pleased to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Trunki BoostApak for themselves (Green or Pink option).  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 15th January 2015 at midnight.

Trunki BoostApak in Green or Pink worth £44.99

266 thoughts on “Trunki BoostApak and Yondi – review and giveaway

  1. Loved the review of the boster seat and neck support never knew support was out there – will have to get one for my little dude. Found ur blog when looking up Thomas land thank u – Gavin Hartin

  2. We go to the States to see my family about once every year or two. This would be great for my daughter to have. It would also be nice if riding with family members or friends who don’t have a car seat.

  3. When we go over to the Isle of Arran for a holiday! We have a holiday home over there so go regularly!

  4. Would be ideal when my boys go places with family, much easier then lugging the big seats between cars x

  5. Just generally round the UK, and it’s handy for having friends round on trips out. (I’ve been covetting one of these for a while – once N’s 4 I shall be getting one (if I don’t win this!)

  6. Would be great for on holidays if we hired a car – or when having friends over as a spare x

  7. I would use it when I am picking up extra children or when my son is being collected by other parents to save having to move heavy car seats.

  8. If my mum hadn’t just bought us a new car seat (which is very kind of her, obviously), I’d be out buying one of these now instead-such a good idea!

  9. It would be very useful for when one of my kids friends come because if we want to go out anywhere it can be difficult as we are a seat short

  10. we would use it when we go to wales, we go there often as I find it helps us all to relax being by the sea

  11. To grandmas – the train journey means I can’t easily take a car seat with the boot pack being perfect for travelling

  12. We actually have one of these and use it in the grandparents car its great when they take her out for the day! My little boy needs one too haha!

  13. We are going to Walt Disney World – Florida in May, a boostapac is near the top of our essential list to take with us! 😀

  14. I am nearly 3 hours away from my parents so this would get a lot of use on car trips up and down the M5!!!

  15. For holidays and days out with the family to the zoo,theme park,local forest,and other nice things I like to treat them to.

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  17. We would travel and anywhere and everywhere we could afford to. After holidaying to Portugal this year, Lucas has well been bitten by the travelling bug!!!

  18. We’re going to Spain next year and I’m already worrying about taking 2 bulky car seats. This would be perfect for my 4 (nearly 5) year old and would definitely alleviate some of the stress 😀

  19. I would take it on holiday as I worry when daughter not sat properly in the taxi, going from the airport.

  20. We would use it to travel to Germany – looks perfect for hand luggage – we try to go every other year to see my family (granddad and granny)

  21. My son is desperate to go to Canada because he learnt about it at school (and i’d love to see my aunt and cousins) and last time we went it was really tricky getting hold of car seats to hire so the boostapack would be perfect!

  22. To see nanny in wales and on holiday flights, I too hate hiring car seats as you don’t know their history and taking your own is such a worry, will it be damages, will it arrive with us etc a boosts pack would end all of that
    Fiona musselwhite Hadland

  23. i’m planning on taking my boys to the doctor who experience in wales for their birthdys (2nd and 3rd march) this would be great then. can unpack any toys when we make stops

  24. To Manchester, I really want to take my little boy to the Museum of Science and Industry there – he’d love it!

  25. Granny’s house for visits. She’s a couple of hundred miles away and it’s always great to visit but it’s a bit long journey, a lot of it not on the best roads.

  26. I would use it for my two year old daughter, we always go out in my friends car and as my partner works shifts I have to take her big car seat in and out daily, this would be amazingxxxx

  27. Amazing blog! Shows how Trunki resolved your problems and made life a lot easier! Would love to win one.. Fingers crossed!!

  28. I would use this pack for everything – sleepovers at friends’ houses or Nana’s house, when I drop the kids off somewhere and Daddy needs to pick them up in a different car, on the train, in restaurants/pubs when eating and for emergency collections/drop-offs with other people’s children. What a marvellous invention!

  29. This is fabulous – such a great idea! It is a brilliant way to bring one less bag along with us as well as carrying his car seat – wish I’d invented it!

  30. Ideal travelling companion for our 4 year old when we’re doing the regular short hop to the Isle of Man to visit my sister, a favourite aunty. Will be much used on our trips to Nan and Granddads too.

  31. One of these would be great for taking the family to USA so I can meet my new niece & my daughters can meet their new cousin! Would ease the worry of not knowing the history of hire company’s car seat.

  32. when we travel upto scotland from the north east we would use this for our daughter as with the long 3 hours drive she tends to sleep a lot and her body tilts always to the side so this supprort and lovely things would be fab for her

  33. I would take it with me this Christmas in our pre Christmas jaunts to see our extended family, to catch up with them and to deliver presents. We always find space in the car is at a premium as we end up playing Santa delivering and passing on presents from other family members to each other too, so a seat with storage space inside seems like a very good idea to me. Saves my husband having to play Tetris just to get the car packed and everything in.

  34. I would love this so my little girl can travel in style between all of the family over the festive period. One day we want to go back to Canada to see our relatives too this would be ideal xx

  35. wow what a cracking idea, we travel from newcastle to london quite a bit this would be fab the car end up covered in toys and general kid stuff would be great to keep things stored as well a comfy seat for my youngest xx

  36. I would use it for my job as a Passenger Assistant, I could keep all my work essentials in it, and there would always be a booster seat available if we needed it, the taxi company don’t normally tell us in advance!

  37. To visit family 200 miles away in the north, because we don’t get time to get together as a family very often 🙂

  38. The family are having a holiday in Tunisia to celebrate their grandads 70th birthday in February and like you, they are worried about car safety so this would be great for them.

  39. We’d use it when the children go out with our parents as it saves lugging car seats from car to car

    Also popping over from #triedtested

  40. This would’ve really handy formy niece when she comes for sleepover&awe can go to Nannas house while Mummy and Daddy rest

  41. Great for days out with friends as it saves moving car seats around. Would also be great to keep in daddy’s car so he could easily do an emergency pick up without worrying the car seat is in my car. Looks really useful!

  42. So many possibilities! To my parents who live 2 hours away, or when my son goes round his friends houses for tea after school!

  43. We love visits to the beach in the summer and my 4 year old son would love this to take with him x x

  44. I’d use this for our holiday in the UK, and also for our first trip on an aeroplane this summer. It looks like it’d make traveling a lot easier .

  45. I am not sure where we are going next, but this would have been a godsend in November when we took our two year old to Mexico.

  46. holidays both abroad and in uk,
    sleepovers at friends houses
    when going in other people’s cars
    when going elsewhere for dinner
    pretty much everywhere lol

  47. A trip down to London town – not been fo a while and the wains are old enough now to appreciate it.

  48. So handy for using in grandmas car or for taking on holiday, would be suitable for either my son or daughter

  49. We’re staying UK this year so we’ll be driving so this would be perfect. We’ll be having a week in the Lakes and somewhere else in September, maybe to Scotland.

  50. I’d take it on a trip to the south coast! We could go to the beach and visit my dear Grandmother who we don’t get to see very often as it is quite a long journey…especially with 2 young children in the back!

  51. We visit relatives a lot and go away most weekends during the warmer weather so this would come in very handy as we sometimes take friends or relatives with us.

  52. we are going on our first family holiday this year as a family of 5 to majorca. this would be perfect for any one of my 3 boys to take their favourite things with them

  53. Alton Towers because we have just bought Merlin passes for the first time and need to make good use of them =D

  54. We would use it to visit Grandad in Ireland and as we travel by train, boat and his car this would be perfect for these visits. I really worry about not having the right car seat especially when travelling so far.

  55. We are going to Porthcawl for a little holiday soon as we haven’t been anywhere for a long while and can’t afford to go abroad. The boostapak would be handy for our travels, looks safe and handy 🙂

  56. Perfect for our hire car when we go to Greece for our first family holiday abroad this year 🙂

  57. This would become our trusty essentials for all holidays abroad and also great for using it as spare when on holidays at grans

  58. Myself and the Mr are off to get married in Antigua in May, just us and our two daughters. This would definitely be going with us. (Tasha Patterson)

  59. when we go to see family in Ireland as we fly and then hire a car so the boostapak would be perfect for us!

  60. We’d travel to see my friends (several hours drive away) or to my sister’s caravan for our holiday time.

  61. My son wants to go to lego land for his birthday so he would definitely take it with him to put all his bits and bobs in. Fab prize!!

  62. on holiday, because I just found out the car hire company want to charge us more per day for a car seat than it would cost to buy a new one!

  63. id use this when going on holiday as most children youd want to make sure their protected and save so this is a brilliant idea and fingers crossed 😀

  64. I would definitely use it on our next holiday abroad, last year I was so nervous on our transfer coach with my daughter as the seat belt was up by her neck and face, she definitely need a booster seat and I his being a back pack is ideal as we could pack her sweets and toys inside for the flight, and for day trips too!

  65. We would travel to Lille in France, its the place we had our first holiday as a couple before we had children and we would love to take our daughters there one day soon to make some new memories there with them included.

  66. It wouldn’t be for me as my daughter’s too old but my brother has two cheeky little chappies and they regularly go travelling – home and abroad – and this sounds great

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