Trunki, Paddlepak review

Trunki Paddlepak Party app

Trunki produce great products with kids in mind, that help to make our lives as parents slightly easier when travelling.  I don’t know about you, but I get quite stressed about the thought of travelling with my sony!  Trunki and I have something in common – we have joined the world of apps!  Trunki has just launched the Apple Store Trunki Paddlepak Party app.

The app is aimed at children aged between 3-6 years so great for my son aged just over 3 and a half, and as well as being a fun game it helps children with their hand/eye coordination and counting skills.

As you all know, being a techno dinosaur we are rather new to the ‘app’ world.  I like the Trunki Paddlepak Party app – it’s free and once your child is happily playing there are no add-on purchases – it really is all free.

Trunki, Paddlepak review

Your child can pick one of nine aquatic friends to play with – Willie the Killer Whale is a firm favourite here with my son, although I quite like Chuckles the Clown Fish and Inky the Squid!

Trunki, Paddlepak app, childrenOnce you’ve picked your friend you are set 5 different challenges to gobble up your luggage items, the first challenge is to gobble up 5 items and when you have completed the task you get a sticker for your sticker book, each challenge has progressively more items to collect, the 5th challenge being 50 items!

Trunki, Paddlepak app, children

I big bonus for me was being able to turn the music off!  Monkey loved it, but it’s very repetitive so I was more than happy when I found the mute button.  He still happily played away.

Trunki, Paddlepak app, sticker book

My son seems to really enjoy this game, once you’ve completed all the challenges and filled in the sticker book for each character, you can reset the game and start again.

For our second app adventure, we’d give this a thumbs up 🙂 and don’t forget – it’s free!











5 thoughts on “Trunki Paddlepak Party app

  1. Sounds like good fun – I love finding a great free App to keep my son entertained, I tend to find he gets bored quite easily so don’t want to spend a fortune on them!

    1. It’s a whole new world for us – so free is very good, Monkey’s attention span is not great either, but I like the fact that you can pick this up where you left off, or pick a different character etc.

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