Trying something new with the Decathlon 20 for 20 deal

Trying something new with the Decathlon 20 for 20 deal

Family time is precious and for us, we only get that on Sunday’s.  At time of year, when the weather has taken a turn for the colder and the days are getting darker, getting outdoors together is even more precious. We’ve been trying something new with the Decathlon 20 for 20 deal as we braved a freezing cold Sunday afternoon recently and got outside.

Trying something new with the Decathlon 20 for 20 deal

Decathlon have put together a range of 20 outdoor activity kits, all for less than £20. Their aim is to encourage us all to get outdoors, try something different and have some fun. They even make things easy for you, complete a little quiz and Decathlon make the kit suggestions for you. So whether you are looking for some sports ideas for a single player, family or group, Decathlon have an idea for you.  I wanted something we can do as a family, outdoors, and the Future Flyers Kit came up.  Our kit consists of a Tribord Kite and Boomerang.

We have a tiny garden so I knew we’d need to wait for a Sunday when Daddy P was around before we could start trying something new with the Decathlon 20 for 20 deal.  Monkey was so thrilled we’d received a kite, as the one Daddy P has, is way too complicated.  A week last Sunday we’d decided to find a spot to try out our new kite and boomerang.

The Tribord Kite comes with instructions and a set of two strings.  Daddy P was left in charge of stringing the kite, once that was done it was just a case of clipping the frame in place and we were ready for some fun.  Of course, almost as soon as we started to have fun and get to grips with it all the weather turned.  But we had fun together, lots of laughs and Monkey and I will be venturing out on our own, without the camera, to really get to grips with the kite as he’s so eager to try flying it for himself.

The boomerang was also a big hit. Again, we need a bit more space than our garden offers, so this has been a great excuse to get us outdoors, even if it’s just to our local park.  I left the menfolk to have a go so I could take a couple of pictures of them in action.

The boomerang is small enough that it can fit in the bag I normally take out and about with me, and the kite is going to be based in my car boot.  That way it’s always on hand when we fancy chasing the wind in the months ahead.  I’ll turn Monkey into a kite runner yet!

It’s certainly worth trying the quiz for yourself, let me know what it suggests for you and your family.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


3 thoughts on “Trying something new with the Decathlon 20 for 20 deal

  1. This looks great because we have a small garden too. And our daughter’s said several times about a kite! Reasonably priced too.

  2. What a great idea and kite flying is a really good thing to do together – and flying a kite is often a two person job! Looks like you had fun and Monkey is keen. I do like the idea of doing a little “test” to see what suits – there’s always room for more ideas!

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