Twit The owl who wasn’t wise – a book review

We’ve been enjoying another Blue Early Reader from Orion Books, written by Steve Cole.  Twit The owl who wasn’t wise tells the tale of a poor little owl, who isn’t the cleverest owl that has ever lived.

Twit The owl who wasn't wise

Poor Twit is the youngest owl in the family, he is a bit of a scruff, and although he has a lovely character, he just isn’t very wise.  Something that is played on all the time by his three older brothers Boggle, Bumf and Baffle.  They tease and play tricks on him.

Twit The owl who wasn't wise

Monkey loved the names of Twit’s brothers, he found them highly amusing. Twit asks lots of questions, just like someone else I know!  Luckily for Monkey we answer his questions with nice answers, not like Twit and his brothers.

Poor little Twit is always ending up the butt of his brothers pranks.  But all that is set to change with Twit meets Norma the Vole.  Maybe, just for once, Twit will have the last laugh.

Another great Early Reader, with a few valuable life lessons woven into the story.  We give it a big thumbs up.  A bargain at £4.99

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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