Valtra T254V Tractor

Valtra T254V Tractor

My son is a big fan of bringing what he’s seen when we’ve been out and about, into his play at home.  We’ve been to a number of shows over the years where tractors have featured heavily and having seen the Valtra T254V Tractor in real life I knew he’d love to have his own tractor to add to his collection.  The Valtra T254V Tractor is the latest addition to the range of 1:32 ratio replica models from Britains Farm Toys.

Valtra T254V Tractor

The Valtra T254V Tractor is the first model my son has owned of the Finnish brand of tractors.  He loves all the details that Britains Farm Toys include in their vehicles and this one is no exception.  Made of cast metal with plastic components, the tractor is sturdy and will offer any tractor fan hours of fun.

This particular model features a removable cab, which you can pull off.

Valtra T254V Tractor

You can get up close to the details within the cab, and having sat inside a Valtra T254V Tractor before myself, I can confirm that the detailing is really accurate.

Valtra T254V Tractor

The Valtra T254V Tractor also features a front and back hitch so you can connect your tractor up to other items within the range.

Valtra T254V Tractor

As I mention whenever we showcase a new model with the range, these toys are made to last.  We still have the tractors we’d bought before I started blogging some five years ago, and they’ve withstood hours of playing but a not always gentle boy.

These days his playing is far more considered and he really does care for his vehicles.

The latest addition to his collection of farm machines has been given a big thumbs up and I’m sure it will be zooming around my living room for a long time to come!

Valtra T254V Tractor

I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case your tractor fan would like to add the Valtra T254V Tractor to their collection too. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

If you have a farm vehicle fan in your house, then watch out later this month when I’m going to have a really lovely bundle of toys to offer as a giveaway!

disclosure:  We received the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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