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Walkers Mighty Lights – AD paid review post

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Do you love crisps?  We certainly do in this household, and Walkers Crisps are our brand of choice.  Both Daddy P and I have a weakness for Walkers Crisps, fortunately, we like different flavours – he’s a sucker for Cheese and Onion and I prefer Ready Salted.  you may remember we also tried Hoops and Crosses earlier in the year – my son’s favourite! So it’s safe to say that if you open our kitchen cupboards you will always find a good supply of crisps on tap.  So, imagine our delight when we were asked to try something new from Walkers …… Walkers Mighty Lights.

Mighty Lights

Walkers Mighty Lights have recently been launched in three flavours – Roast Chicken, Cheese and Onion and Lightly Salted.  Even the Roast Chicken flavour is suitable for vegetarians, they contain 30% less fat than normal potato crisps (a big bonus as far as Daddy P is concerned as I am always telling him to eat more healthily), have no artificial colours or preservatives and contain no MSG either.  As you would expect from a brand like Walkers, the Mighty Lights are made from real potatoes and offer a good source of fibre.  They can be purchased in family packs of 6 – always handy to avoid anyone missing out!

The packaging of these new crinkle-cut crisps ties in well with the existing Walkers brand of crisps and the colour match the existing flavours available.

If you compare a 25g of the standard Walkers Crisps with the new 25g Mighty Lights:

Standard                                 Mighty Lights
Calories:                 130                                           114
Sugar                       0.3g                                         0.6g
Fat                            7.7g                                         4.7g
Saturates                0.6g                                         0.5g
Salt                           0.41g                                      0.28g

So there is slightly more sugar in the Mighty Lights, but in all other areas the new crisps stand up well to the standard alternatives.

What else?  Well, they look a little different from our family favourites ……

Walkers Mighty Lights

Walkers Mighty Lights

So what did we think?  Well, I’ve been testing them out over this last week with a few of my favourite people.  First to try them were our Special S and my eldest niece (a big crisp fan) Miss D, they tried the Lightly Salted and were both impressed with the taste and texture of the crinkle-cut crisps – a good start.

Next was Daddy P – he went straight for the Cheese and Onion, and in 2 days he’d eaten all 6 packets provided.  So I think you can safely say that he liked them, and he has asked me to source replacement stock when I next go shopping! I’m happy with that, and hopefully, his waistline will be too.

So that left my son and I.  We’ve munched our way through some Roast Chicken and Lightly Salted packets of the Walkers Mighty Lights and they got the thumbs up from both of us.  I hadn’t had Roast Chicken flavour crisps for a while and it was nice to try them again.

We all agreed that these crisps were not greasy, had plenty of flavour, but not too strong, and all the crisps were consistently cooked – no yucky burnt ones in sight!

These Mighty Lights would be great for kids and grown-ups lunchboxes alike. We’ll certainly be adding them to ours!


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