Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! – review and giveaway

I was first introduced to the concept of Wasgij jigsaws by my ex-MIL a few years ago.  She’s a master of them, and persuaded me that I really should give them a try.  Well it wasn’t long before she’d got me hooked too and we regularly swap puzzles to try out.  I’ve just completed the new Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! 1000 piece puzzle and I know she’ll be itching to work it out for herself soon.

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

The Wasgij range of jigsaw puzzles from Jumbo Games are very different from conventional puzzles.  What you see on the lid is not the puzzle you will be making.  There are a number of different collections within the range, and with the Destiny collection you are bringing the original scene from one time period to another.

The lid of the Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! shows us a scene from 1958, where families are enjoying afternoon tea in a popular restaurant.  It’s decorated in an art deco theme and all the staff are wearing traditional uniforms from the era.

To complete the Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! you need to bring that scene into the 21st century and imagine where a family might go to now, what it would look like and what the staff would wear.  Sounds easy?

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

Once you’ve completed the edges for the puzzle it really is a case of putting the lid to one side and figuring out the scene for yourself.  I always try to find areas with lots of the same pattern or writing to get me started, and don’t worry too much about where they are actually placed.

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

Before long the new story of this puzzle starts to make shape, you find characters sitting at the same table years later, and the restaurant has definitely changed.

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!


Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

These puzzles are always full of fun details to catch the eye and are great fun to complete.

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

You can even find a chip-o-matic machine churning potatoes into chips.

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

I’m a big fan of these puzzles and you rarely remember all the details of the new scene, so they can be completed over and over again.  In fact Argos are currently running a promotion on all Wasgij puzzles, they are running ‘2for£15’, making them an even bigger bargain.

Personally I think I’d rather be stuck in 1958 than in the 2018 burger bar!  What do you think?

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve teamed up with Jumbo Games to offer one lucky reader the chance to try Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!  for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck.

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Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! 1000 piece puzzle worth £12.99

121 thoughts on “Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! – review and giveaway

  1. I’d like to see one of the big carnivals like Notting Hill or even Rio, I think the details of the puzzle would convey the costumes, vibrancy and fun of these events
    Jane Willis

  2. I’d like to see all the air balloons from Bristol balloon festival ,they look wicked when there all in the sky

  3. I’d love to see a book shop because I think the amount of detail could be fantastic.

  4. A funfair one would be cool (I love funfairs) although I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have a funfair scene one!

  5. What scene would you like to see depicted in a Wasgij puzzle and why?
    me, shrieking with delight as l win this lovely puzzle

  6. I’d like to see a theatre scene as a puzzle with the picture as the view to the stage and the puzzle out into the audience as what the actors see as I think it would be fun to see there perspective of what they think of the audiences behaviours!

  7. A park or playground scene with lots of people and their kids and pets – plenty of detail!

  8. A horse show would be great as there are lots of different breeds and colours, they could include trailers and lorries etc.

  9. Pirates or sports because it is the only way I could get the twins to engage in sitting down to a jigsaw

  10. Something hard-hitting like our overuse of plastic, harm to the environment, to raise awareness.

  11. My family live in Australia, so lots of Aussie related stuff, especially the stereotypical perceptions 🙂

  12. A supermarket queue. I am always fascinated by the contents of other people’s shopping trollies and I have to force myself not to cause offence by being too nosy!

  13. I would like to see a birthday party scene so when it is someone you know’s birthday you can give them to it and it will have a happy birthday banner on it.

  14. A nursery/preschool scene as I imagine it would be quite chaotic and would make for a challenging yet funny puzzle.

  15. I would love to see a scene of black Friday, as I think it would look funny with people fighting over sale items.

  16. i love the animals one, my fave has been the one with the bull running down the street, we love wasgij’s in our house

  17. a dog show because I think you could make a hilarious scene (maybe Crufts and stick out of control dogs, Peter Purves..etc in there!)

  18. A static caravan site like a haven site where everyone went on holiday lots of fun swimming pools and arcades

  19. A spring scene with lambs and ducklings and little rabbits and spring flowers – daffodils, snow drops.etc

  20. A dog walk with lots of different dogs doing naughty things. Such as stealing someone’s picnic and jumping up to give kisses. I think there would be lots going on in th roicture so it whould be good xx

  21. I would love to see a scene of bunnies doing various bunny things (snuggling, grooming each other, eating hay, chasing each other etc.

  22. Hedgehogs and wildlife – educating about what lovely animals are in our country

  23. There used to be a puzzle I used to love as a kids with a cartoon camping site, so I would love to see that scene on the puzzle.

  24. The Edinburgh festival because there are lots of different things and different cultures to see and experience.

  25. Sorry I forgot to say why. Because old-fashioned cars are interesting. It could be brought into the modern day with new cars or even marathon runners.

  26. I’d love to see crafty scenes – like ladies stitching or doing sewing – i am a fan of craft

  27. I’m a tourist guide and was once doing a commentary on a canal boat. I realised that everyone was not looking at me but at what was behind me and I turned round just as the boat crashed into the bridge on the canal. Tea cups and people falling about everywhere. A great scene I think.

  28. that moment on a long car journey when you tell the kids if the don’t behave you will stop this car right now and turn around lol. this puzzles looks great I often do puzzles with my grandparents, keeps them busy.

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