Waterloo - A New History of the Battles and Armies

Waterloo – A New History of the Battles and Armies

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I’ve been interested in history since I learnt about the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Rome and Greece as a child.  With the 200 anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo being celebrated in June this year, I figured it was about time I learnt more about a period of history I really don’t know much about at all. Waterloo – A New History of the Battles and Armies was published by Atlantic Books to coincide the anniversary and it’s given me a much better understanding of the events.

Waterloo - A New History of the Battles and Armies

Written by ex-soldier Gordon Corrigan, Waterloo – A New History of the Battles and Armies provides a factual breakdown of the various armies involves in the battle, their main commanders as well as a detailed account of the battle itself.

The book is easy enough for novices of military history like myself to read, but would also be enjoyed by those with more experience in this field.  In over 320 pages of this paperback book, the various characters come to life, you learn about how each army is structured and where the various factions stand in Europe in the early 1800s.

It’s obviously more heavyweight than my normal reads these days and took me longer to get through than I’d expected.  But I found it fascinating and gave me a far clearer understanding of how and why the Battle of Waterloo took place.  It’s quite interesting to realise that the British certainly wouldn’t have won the battle without the assistance of the Prussians and other European forces.

There are some photographs and maps of the battlefield to give you a better idea of what the armies faced as they headed past Quatre Bras and Ligny, on to Waterloo itself. I really enjoyed the challenge that this book gave me and feel far better placed to answer my son’s questions on the subject in the years ahead!

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