Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod

Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod – a review

The online retailer TMART contacted me recently and asked if I’d like to review something from their wide range of products.  They had suggested a digital photo frame, but as we already have one of those I decided to try something I’ve been meaning to get for ages.  I ordered the Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod to use with my bridge camera.

Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod


The Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod is a compact tripod and I thought it would be great as a starting point for me.  I find it a nightmare at times when I’m up against a review deadline and need to get a photograph or video of Monkey and I playing a game, with Daddy P often absent.  So now I have no excuse.

The tripod extends from 29cms, right up to 110cms, with various options in between.

Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod

I do have to say that I didn’t feel that confident with the stability of the Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod when it was fully extended, but that could be down to me, not being used to using it!  I did also find my hands get rather dirty from pushing the extension rods up and down.  Whether this is because it’s new and is normal, I’ don’t know.

It does have anti slip pads on the end of each leg and would be great to carry out and about as it really only weighs just under 500g.  So ideal for family trips out and about, and if I decide to do some more nature photography.

The Weifeng WT-2008 8-Segment Tripod is designed to work with most SLR, pocket and video camera’s.  It works perfectly well with my Canon bridge camera and my Sony compact camera.  The camera can be tilted using the handle and Monkey has loved having timed photos taken with me – a real novelty.

Priced at £16.03 including postage, I think this is a reasonably priced item and will be well used here.

As I mentioned earlier, TMART supply a whole range of different items including childrens toys as you can see here in Tami’s recent review of a play tent.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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