Weird Animals

Weird Animals – AD sent for review and giveaway

As you all know we love animals here and we’ve been learning about some rather strange one in the latest book we’ve been sent to review for Sterling Books.  Weird Animals is written by Mary Kay Carson and is aimed at children aged 6-11 years of age.

Weird Animals

The 32 page hardback book is full of colour photographs with facts relating to a range of Weird Animals.  The various weird features of each animal is explained in an easy way for children to understand.

Weird Animals

The book features fourteen different Weird Animals that children may not have come across before, and explains what makes them different from more familiar creatures.  We’ve certainly not come across a Pink Fairy Armadillo before and the size of its feet makes perfect sense for the job it needs to do.

Weird Animals

There are some really rather beautiful animals featured including the Peacock Mantis Shrimp and the Mirror Spider, which really does look like someone’s stuck bits of glass to its body.  Then there’s the Thorny Devil, which does look familiar.  I’m not sure if we’ve seen them at a Zoo or Wildlife Park, but my nine-year old son agreed with me that he’d seen these in real life too.  He loves the idea of having a false head!

Weird Animals

The Sea Pig looks very curious and is definitely a new one for us.  Animals of the deep fascinate my son so he was eager to learn more about this deep-sea animal.

Weird Animals

Weird Animals is a great addition to our bookcase.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I can earn from qualifying purchases) in case you fancy looking at these fascinating animals too.

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97 thoughts on “Weird Animals – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. A rhino many moons ago on my travels – one thing seeing them in zoos- another when you are stood next to them!

  2. The New Zealand weta. The Maori translation of weta is ‘God of ugly things.’ Not only are they ugly but they jump, they hold on and they sometimes bite.

  3. It has to be the red-lipped batfish now I have seen it on here! Wow, who knew animals looked so weird and beautiful in their own way bless them! x

  4. Frogs I get them in the garden and find them fascinating I’ve seen one turning itself inside out which was most strange

  5. Seahorses because they are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young.

  6. I love axolotls, a family that I used to have to visit had one and I just found the little guy amazing!

  7. I love Kangaroos I know they are not weird but they have all always been my favourite xx

  8. I think the Kimono Dragon is the most amazing of the weird animals I can think of – it’s one of those you wish you could have as a pet, but know you could never cage as that’s wrong!!

  9. It’s gotta be the sea pig in this house! My son is pig obsessed because they’re pink and his favourite colour is pink!

  10. Ok, so I’ve never heard of a sea pig until this morning and now I’m in a google blackhole trying to find out more about them! Bizarre, but kinda endearingly so?

  11. I don’t think I actually have one, that red lipped creature in the book looks so funny though

  12. I love the “aye aye”, its name is so odd, and that long bony finger with it’s huge eyes are amazing

  13. My favourite weird animal is the superb bird of paradise as the males have an elaborate courtship ritual, during which they spread out their black cape until only a bright blue breast plate and blue eyes are visible in an all-absorbing blackness.

  14. Pink fairy armadillos…they’re fluffy, but reptiles all rolled into one…and quite cute!

  15. The pink fairy armadillo… i’m actually over the moon to see a picture of one here as have only ever seen a sketch before.

  16. The Sea Pig is my favourite animal as it really stretches the imagination to believe it exists.

  17. i like an octopus – and i think they are weird! we sometimes see them in rockpools near where we live and i love to watch them

  18. The Manatee I love the fact they’re called sea cows and they were amazing to see in the wild in florida

  19. The octopus always fascinates me with all the tentacles and suckers. I’d hate to run into a large one in the sea!

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