Where are My Lambs?

Where are My Lambs? – a book review

With a name like Mary you can just imagine what I went through at school. What with Mary Christmas, how does your garden grow? and where are your lambs?  You had to have a sense of humour!  But actually I do love lambs, a sign of Spring, and Monkey loves anything to do with farms.  So I knew he’d love our latest Orion Books Early Reader – Where are My Lambs?

Where are My Lambs

Where are My Lambs? is written by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Emily Bolam. This book is part of a series, introducing young children to the animals from Potter’s Barn.  As this was Monkey’s first introduction to the series he loved looking at the map at the front of the book, which shows you the layout of the farm.  Far Away Field has a tractor in it, I had a happy son!

There are also a few pages at the start of Where are My Lambs? which introduce us to the various animals who live at Potter’s Barn, including Mother Sheep and her lambs Tilly and Tam.

The lambs don’t want to come in when their mother calls them.  They decide to hide from her and so the game of hide and seek begins.  With lots of rhyming text, we follow Mother Sheep as she tries to find her naughty lambs.  Where can they be?

Where are My Lambs?

Where are My Lambs?  gave us lots of new words to discuss.  She thinks she’s found the lambs, but instead find a saddle.  So Monkey and I talked about what a saddle is used for and which animal wears it.  Not a sheep Mummy!

Finally Mother Sheep and her lambs are reunited.  At the end of Where are My Lambs? are some observation pages to make sure that young readers are understanding the story and taking it all in.  Although a 4 year old Monkey isn’t reading for himself yet, it was still a good exercise in testing his concentration.

Another great Early Reader, available for £4.99.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review, our comments remain our own honest opinions

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  1. Sounds like a great book. We love Horrid Henry books so I’d be interested to read something written by Francesca that’s totally different from Horrid Henry.

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