Where I Lost Her

Where I Lost Her – a book review

I’ve got another cracking book to share with you today.  If you are on the look out for a real page turner this summer, then go and buy Where I Lost Her by T Greenwood.  You will not be disappointed.  Published by Corvus Books in March this year, I could not put Where I Lost Her down.

Where I Lost Her

At times Where I Lost Her is quite heartbreaking as we join Tess on her quest to find a missing girl who see is adamant she saw lost along a country road in the middle of the night.

Tess is visiting her oldest friend and family back in her home state of Vermont with her husband Jake.  It soon becomes clear that all is not well with Tess and Jake’s relationship and that Tess is haunted by a tragic event that happened some years before in Guatemala.  On this particular night, Tess has drunk a little too much but still insists on driving into town to pick up another bottle of wine, she needs it.  On her way back she is shocked to find a little girl, half-dressed and bleeding coming out of the woods.  The girl is clearly in shock and runs off before Tess can offer support.

As Tess frantically searches for the girl in vain, it becomes obvious to the reader that Tess has lost a child before. She returns to her friends camp and tells them all about the little girl on the road, the police are called and a search party sets out to look for her.  But as the hours pass by no child is reported missing and no evidence is found of this little girl’s existence. The police clearly don’t believe Tess, and you can tell that Jake may not either.

As the story of  Where I Lost Her unfolds, we learn more about Tess and her yearning to become a mother.  In the end having failed to conceive naturally or through IVF, Tess is desperate.  She decides that they will adopt a child from Guatemala and she flies over to meet a little girl called Esperanza.  A lot of money changes hands and she dreams of bringing this little girl back to New York.  But tragedy is around the corner, and the knock on effects will cause lasting damage on her marriage.

The two stories are interwoven as Tess desperately searches for the little girl in Vermont, she cannot lose another child. When all around her, apart from her oldest friend, doubt her, she remains resolute.  The girl does exist and she is in danger.

The book is beautifully written, keeps you wondering where the story is going and if this little girl really is real.  You watch relationships unravel whilst others tighten and you become totally involved in the hunt to find the little girl, whilst hoping Tess can find peace with her past.

I really loved reading Where I Lost Her and could not put the book down.  Priced at £7.99 it would be a top recommendation for me this summer, and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.


disclosure: we were sent the book mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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