Who’s in Space? by Orchard Toys – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this puzzle for the purpose of review

We’re starting a Space themed week with play, stories and games this week, so the arrival of our latest delivery from Orchard Toys was very well-timed – Who’s In Space? A Talkabout First Puzzle.

Orchard Toys, Who's In Space? Jigsaw

This 25 piece jigsaw is aimed at children aged 3 years and over, so perfect for a rocket mad nearly 4-year-old child.  As regular readers will know we are big fans of Orchard Toys in this house, and as I would expect, this jigsaw is well made and the graphics really catch your attention.  The puzzle helps with hand-eye coordination and develops manual dexterity as a starting point.  But the fun doesn’t end when the puzzle is complete…

….. the idea of this particular jigsaw is for children to talk about the Space scene before them: What can they see?  What are the Astronauts doing? How do they breathe in Space? and so on.  I love the fact that this puzzle is encouraging young children to learn about space in a fun way and therefore giving them an understanding of the world above the clouds.

The back of the jigsaw box gives us some really useful information.  I’ve learnt a few things myself as you’ll hear me call the International Space Centre a Satellite in our video below – oops!

Orchard Toys, Who's In Space? Jigsaw

We had some fun talking about what we could see …..

We’ve had lots of fun with this puzzle, making it, talking about it and my son then decided that the whole puzzle was a rocket – 5,4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!

Who’s In Space? is priced at £7.50 I can thoroughly recommend this puzzle – lots of play and learning potential and I’m sure it would be well-loved wherever it landed.


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