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Wildlife World – a review

Wildlife World

As regular readers will know, my Dad AKA Guru Gramps is a keen entomologist and I grew up surrounded by mini beasts.  I’m not sure I totally appreciated it at times when my brother and I were being dragged along the Basingstoke Canal yet again.  But now, as a parent myself, I realise how lucky I was.  It’s reminded me how much I do actually love nature, how fascinating all animals are, but especially mini beasts, in all their variety. When I discovered Wildlife World recently, I knew this was a company after my own heart.

Wildlife World are a UK-based company, designing and manufacturing wildlife habitats, feeders and other nature products.

As you know, a 4 year old Monkey seems to share his Gramps’ interest in bugs and butterflies.  You may remember we watched a moth caterpillar pupate and turn into a Lackey moth last year.  Monkey also seems to love gardening, and I’m keen for him to realise the connection between the various mini beasts and our growing plants and flowers.

I was thrilled when we received a package from Wildlife World recently. Wildlife World use reclaimed and FSC certified timber for their products, and their own recycled cardboard packaging.  Our first parcel contained an item from the Wildlife World Children’s Mini Bugs range.  We received Bertie’s Bee House.


As soon as Monkey saw this, he thought we’d got a beehive! Not quite a beehive, but still somewhere for some busy bees to call home. It’s specifically designed for solitary bees and therefore safe for to be near children like Monkey and pets. I’m sure Brewster will still try chasing them though!

Wildlife World

In our Bee House set, we also got instructions on where to best place our Bee House, a booklet with lots of interesting facts and a magnifying glass.  All perfect for my little bug hunter!

The instruction leaflet gives information on how to look after the Bee House throughout the year.  Although Monkey can’t read by himself yet, we’ve been reading through his Book of Bees and he’s ready to go on a Bee Hunt soon!  This set is great for any young mini beast enthusiast, I have a feeling we might need to invest in Betty’s Butterfly Bistro soon.

Our next package contained the Bee & Bug Biome.


Our local bug community is going to be very well catered for this year.  I might have to put the ground rent up!

Wildlife World

Along with the beautiful Biome itself we received an instruction leaflet, a guide to pollinating bees and a pack of Wildflower seeds known to attract bees!  I love Ladybirds and our new Bee & Bug Biome will cater for them as well as Earwigs, Lacewings and Bees.

It was time to get out in the garden and set our find somewhere to place our new bug homes!

Monkey helped me scatter our wildflower seeds around our Bee & Bug Biome and our Bee House has found a home near in our flower bed.

So I’ve circulated a notice – homes to rent, mini beast tenants wanted!  Monkey will be out with his magnifying glass regularly checking on our new neighbours.  Let’s hope we have some visitors soon.  We’ll keep you posted.  Monkey is learning about mini beasts at some point this term at Nursery School, so he’ll be able to share his knowledge with his class mates.

Bertie’s Bee House is available from the Wildlife World website for £13.99 and the Bee & Bug Biome is £29.99.  I’ve also seen these, and other items from the range available at our local Garden Centre and at shops in National Trust properties recently.  The items are well made and I’d certainly recommend to anyone wanting to introduce nature into their garden.  With the educational information included in the sets, these are great for families.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

10 thoughts on “Wildlife World – a review

  1. I would have loved this sort of thing as a child! I loved the garden, being outdoors and learning about the world. Great educational toys! x

  2. I love the little bee house, it looks very cute, we are trying to get more little beasties in our garden. I will have to see how we can encourage some more.

  3. Oh how sweet. I like the idea of educating children with bees. 6yo thinks they’re nasty and wont have it that they’re not like wasps

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