winter warmers for my wardrobe

Winter warmers for my wardrobe

I think spending a week in the Spanish sun has really made me feel colder now I’m home.  I’ve been sorting out my wardrobe and need some new winter warmers for my wardrobe.  Since I’ve been a stay at home Mum, I tend not to spend money on myself.  That’s resulted in my winter wardrobe being full of old jumpers, much loved, but really in need of replacing.  I really need to spend a bit of money on myself, getting a few new jumpers for myself.  So what should I go for?

With Christmas coming up perhaps I should succumb to the ‘seasonal jumper’ design?

jumper 1

I have to admit that this type of jumper would be a first for me, but I’m sure Monkey would love to see his Mummy dressed up in this Christmas pudding jumper on Christmas Day! So maybe I’m not quite ready for the novelty makeover.

Now this is far more my conventional wardrobe selection!  It would fit in well.

Winter warmers for my wardrobe

More my colour and I do tend to go for plain jumpers and tops. But maybe I should be a bit bolder with winter warmers for my wardrobe this year?  I’m not known for wearing hoodie’s but I do like the Scandinavian feel to this one.  With waiting in the cold to pick Monkey up from Nursery School it would be great to have something to wear to keep my ears warm too!

Winter warmers for my wardrobe

Not bold enough maybe?  Then what do you think to this one?   It’s carries on the Scandinavian theme and I do like the colour.  It certainly looks as if it will keep me warm this winter.  It’s also available in …… blue – you just know that’s what I’ll end up going for don’t you!

winter warmers for my wardrobe

All of these jumpers and hoodies are available from New Look, I think I might just be spending some money on winter warmers for my wardrobe!

So which one should I go for, do you think? Novelty, a Mary classic, a slight move to the bolder side of life or full on Scandinavian theme?

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