Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit

Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit

I’m sure Monkey is not alone with being fascinated with dinosaurs.  I know I’ve mentioned his obsession before on the blog.  Over the last few years we’ve developed his understanding of these prehistoric beasts through museum visits, books, games and DVD’s.  He quite enjoys craft activities and was eager to try the Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit from Interplay UK when it arrived recently.

Interplay Wood Worx

Interplay UK provide a range of the Wood Worx kits – children aged 5 years and over can make anything from a Picture Frame or Jewellery Stand, to a Robot or Jet Fighter. The Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit comes with 23 wooden pieces, glue, paints and a double ended brush, stickers and easy to follow instructions.

Wood Worx T-Rex

The instruction leaflet is really easy for children to follow as it’s a pictorial guide.  A 6 year old Monkey managed to construct the T-Rex with me just holding things in place for him.

I was so impressed with Monkey, he really took heed of the instructions and took his time to complete the first stage of this kit.  I have to say, that that little tube of glue is more than enough for the job in hand.  Monkey was generous with the amount he used and there was still some left over.

Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit

We left the glue to set for a couple of hours before he started painting his new pet.  The brush is double ended, with brushes suitable for detailing as well as the main painting.  I’d got in my head that Monkey’s T-Rex would be mainly green, but no, my son had other ideas and set to work with a flurry of activity.

As with the glue, the paint pots are deceiving, and there is more than enough paint for any budding Picasso to create their masterpiece.  The Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit would be fine just as it is with paint if that’s what your child wanted.  But it does come with a sticker set so you can add eyes, teeth, arms and mouth to the moving jaws – roar!

Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit

It was great to watch Monkey designing his dinosaur and completing this kit.  He did all the hard work himself and he was so thrilled with the results.

Wood Worx T-Rex Dinosaur kit

This has been our first experience of the Wood Worx sets from Interplay UK, and for £9.99 I’m really impressed with the quality of the pieces and the ease of build. You can buy this and other sets in the series on the Interplay UK website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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