World Book Day with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

World Book Day with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

Today we’re celebrating World Book Day with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space ahead of the big day itself tomorrow.  I can remember queuing with my family to see the very first Star Wars film at the cinema in Aldershot in 1977.  It was like nothing my brother and I had ever seen before.  He instantly became Luke Skywalker and I obviously was Princess Leia.  It’s amazing to think that nearly 40 years later the world is still Star Wars crazy.  The force has certainly stayed with all of us hasn’t it. All these years later and my own little Jedi in Training is fighting off an attack from the Storm Troopers.

World Book Day with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

We’ve been really lucky to receive a lovely selection of Star Wars themed books from Egmont ahead of World Book Day. The reading books are really aimed for children aged 8 years and over, so a little ahead of Monkey’s reading ability at the moment, so I’ve been reading them to him recently.

Star Wars books from Egmont

The Star Wars Doodles and Star Wars Where’s The Wookiee? activity books are also aimed at slightly older children, but we’ve still been having fun with them.

Star Wars Doodles is a large paperback book with 128 crammed full of pictures to be completed, coloured and created.

From creating your own Jedi face, working out a message from R2D2 to deciding what or who the Ewoks have captured in their net.  It’s all about using your imagination with this book.

The book features all of my own favourites from the original Star Wars films, including R2D2, C-3PO, Yoda and Darth Vader himself.  Priced at £9.99 it will definitely keep Star Wars fans busy for hours on end.

Star Wars Where’s the Wookiee? is a large hardback Search and Find Activity Book, priced at £9.99 (Amazon currently have it on offer at £3.50!)

The book has 40 pages crammed full of Star Wars action. Poor Chewbacca is on the run with a 725,000 reward – wanted Dead or Alive! There are 15 locations that Chewie can be found hiding in along with Hans Solo, the Millennium Falcon and some rather nasty bounty hunters.  Can you rescue Chewie before he’s captured?

At the back of the book are 4 pages of a Galactic Checklist featuring 15 other characters to be found and information about them.  These are harder to find, so an extra challenge for the eagle-eyed Star Wars fan.

World Book Day with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

The Star Wars Adventure In Wild Series are a set of 4 books aimed primarily at children aged 8 years and over in KS2.  We’ve received the first 3 books, which we will also be offering in a reader giveaway bundle for you today!  The series begins with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space – The Escape, which is also available as a World Book Day Book which can be exchanged with the book token each child will be receiving in school.

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

We meet Milo and Lina Graf and their parents Auric and Rhyssa in uncharted swamp land.  Their parents are inter planetary explorers in the time of Emperor Palpatine. The children find that their parents have been taken under duress by Storm Troopers under Captain Korda’s instructions.  The Graf’s are discovering who really holds the power in Wild Space. Milo and Lina discover their parents have been taken and it’s up to them to rescue them.  It’s full of drama and the tension builds through the story as the children hunt and find where their parents are being held.

The story continues through Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space – The Nest (book 2) and The Snare (book 3) as we follow the intrepid duo across the galaxy.  Will they be able to defeat the evil Korda and be reunited with their parents at last? Both books are priced at £6.99 each.

I’m taking part in a Star Wars themed book tour with Egmont and tomorrow you can catch the latest installment with Bakes Books and My Boys.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items featured in exchange for this post.  I hold an Amazon Affiliate account.



Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

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Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space book bundle


175 thoughts on “World Book Day with Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

  1. I love Princess Leia because I think she has girl power and I love her buns too – when I was little I had my hair like hers!

  2. It’s Princess Leia for me I always wanted to be her as a child. I have fond memories of my Uncle taking me to see the Star Wars films as a child it was so exciting

  3. I think I like all the main two robots the best. R2D2 and C3po and their funny exchanges really make me laugh!

  4. Han Solo because he has the best ship (and I always thought he was rather attractive)

  5. C3-PO because I always liked his plummy British accent that always seemed a tad out of place in a galaxy far, far away. I also thought he had some of the best lines – he was the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion of the adventure all rolled into one 😉

  6. My boys would both love these books. Yoda is my fave character. He is just so cute, but I can’t believe how old he is

  7. It has to be IG-88, who to be honest had a 1 second ‘cameo’ in the Empire Strikes Back, but in on old PC Game ‘Shadows of the Empire’, was my favourite boss enemy to beat. So have an affection for the robot bounty hunter.

  8. I love R2D2 simply because I love robots (or rather, astromech droids :)) and he has always appealed!

  9. I don’t understand Star Wars but my son is obsessed – he loves Obi Wan with no beard (apparently he means Ewan McGregor so my husband tells me!!)

  10. Boba Fett as he is the coolest guy in the galaxy and even without the force he stands up to Darth Vader!

  11. I don’t have a favourite but when I posed the question to my grandson he said Chewbacca because he is like his Daddy, big, hairy and makes him laugh! 🙂

  12. My favourite is Yoda because he is intelligent, all knowing and has a great sense of humour

  13. I like Jar Jar Binks. He’s a little bit crazy, a little bit mischeivious, and a little bit totally lovable!

  14. R2D2 , Dont know why really i guess he is cute and i love the noise he makes , hence the fact i have it as my text message tone !!

  15. Chewie. He’s one of the least human of the main characters. How can you not love a big, friendly beast.

  16. I absolutely love Yoda. He is cute and kicks butt!
    My son is a massive Star Wars fan and would absolutely love this!
    Thank you for the chance ☺

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