Worm World

Worm World

It’s no secret that we love nature here, and I’m eager for Monkey to learn about all animals, big and small.  The unsung hero of the garden is the good old earth worm. Admittedly Julia Donaldson has gone some way to elevating the status of the worm with her wonderful Super Worm book, and now Monkey has been learning all about them with his latest My Living World kit – Worm World.

Worm World

We have a number of the My Living World nature sets now, and we’re big fans.  This set is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and comes complete with a plastic worm house, various coloured sands, a cardboard shade and stands and a Worm World guide-book and instruction manual.

Worm World

My little worm hunter was eager to set up his new Worm World, and got straight to work layering the Worm House with mud from the garden and the coloured sands provided.

It was great fun layering the worm house as Monkey prepared a home for our garden worms.  I explained to him that once the worms had moved in we would hopefully see them trace trails through the different colours and create their own patterns.

Now on to the really fun part, collecting the worms themselves.  I won’t lie, I was rather nervous about this task.  Would we actually find any?  We’d read the booklet and seen how different types of worms live at different levels within the earth, but would they really be that easy to find?  Well the answer is yes, honestly, within less than a minute we had found our first new resident much to Monkey’s delight.

Worm World

Then they kept coming, news of the new residence was obviously spreading and we soon had 10 new tenants!

Worm WorldWe added some fallen leaves to the top of the soil for food, and covered the house with the lid.

Worm World

Once Monkey was sure our worms were settled into their new home, we covered them up with the cardboard shade that’s provided, as worms prefer the dark.

Worm World

Monkey’s been keeping a close up on our worms over the last couple of weeks as they’ve settled in and tunneled around their new home.

Worm World

We’ve found that our worms prefer cut grass, which has worked out really well.  We need to keep cutting the grass in our Fairy Garden, so one problem solves another! We can keep our worms in the Worm World for 4-6 weeks before we should return them to the garden. We can then start the whole process again.  Should you need to, My Living World will supply you with worms as well as replacement sachets of sand.

For £14.99 this is another great My Living World set, fun and educational and it gets a big thumbs up here.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you think your kids would like to create their own Worm World too.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I love nature but I’m not sure I could look at the worms in our house for too long. There are some things I like to know exist but would rather not look at!!

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