You Sent Me a Letter

You Sent Me a Letter

I do love a good page turner, even more so when you have no idea what the ending is likely to be. I’ve read another great book recently called You Sent Me a Letter which is written by Lucy Dawson and is published by Corvus Books on 10th March 2016.

You Sent Me a Letter

We meet Sophie who is heading towards her 40th birthday. She’s come out of a long-term relationship with someone who wouldn’t commit and has subsequently met a man called Marc. The attraction is fairly instant and it looks as if life is finally going to really start for Sophie. But Marc comes with ‘baggage’ as he’s still not divorced from his French wife Claudine, who has custody of his two children. She’s constantly causing friction and Sophie and us as the readers are led to believe she is a manipulative, trouble maker.

Following another episode with trouble from Claudine, the couple separate, and on a drunken night, Sophie ends up in bed with her best friend’s husband. Huge mistake, with very foggy details. Before we know it Marc has returned and proposed to Sophie, but can there be a happy ending?

It would appear not, as Sophie is woken in the middle of the night by an intruder delivering a letter and a threat. It’s the night before her 40th birthday, the night before the big birthday party that Marc is throwing for her, the party where everyone will be there. She is told not to open the letter until 8pm, in front of everyone at the party. She must not tell anyone about her visitor or someone will get hurt, possibly a member of her own family.

Naturally Sophie is terrified. Who, why, what?  Is the secret out.  Will her lover and her best friend find out about her betrayal in front of everyone. This has to be the work of Claudine, doesn’t it? What does the letter say?

We follow Sophie as she heads to her sister’s house in the middle of the night. The truth about her one night with Rich and their betrayal of Lou and Marc comes out. But not the news about the letter or the intruder. Poor Alice, the sister, is rubbish at keeping secrets, and she tells Sophie, that Marc has actually arranged the party to be their wedding.  He’s organised everything. Could the dream day turn into her biggest nightmare. It would appear so.

Just when you think you know what’s going to happen in You Sent Me a Letter, the story twists and turns, and you’re taken in a completely different direction.  It’s a great read, and one which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Priced at £7.99, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for you, in case you fancy trying it for yourself.

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  1. Hi, just popping over from the SoFab hub to say hello! Great post, I’ve actually been meaning to read this book for a while and am now about to go and order it. Thanks for sharing!

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