Young, Fearless, Awesome book- AD sent for review and giveaway

Young, Fearless, Awesome book- AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure: we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of a review and giveaway

I’ve got something a little different to share with you today which hopefully will offer all of our children some inspiration.  I also have to hold my hand up and say I’ve learned a lot about a group of children featured in the Young, Fearless, Awesome book too!  Published through Welbeck Publishing earlier this month, this 112-page hardback book is written by Stella Caldwell.

Young, Fearless, Awesome book

The Young, Fearless, Awesome book features the lives of twenty-five children to inspire the next generation with their stories of courage.

Young, Fearless, Awesome book

As well as featuring the likes of Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai that have been in the news a lot recently, there are stories of inspiring children going back over the last century, including Anne Frank and Claudette Colvin.

Young, Fearless, Awesome book

Reading the Young, Fearless, Awesome book with my ten-year-old son I’ve also found myself learning about some of these young people that I’d not heard of before.  But we started with Anne Frank, someone we both know well.  My son has recently learnt about her story at school, and I still have my childhood copy of her diary.  She inspired me to write my own diary which I kept up for years.  Her story is one which must never be forgotten in my opinion.

Young, Fearless, Awesome book

As we read on about each of the featured children we also discovered that each profile has a ‘Be Awesome Like…’ section which gives readers some everyday scenarios that they might encounter.  The book also gives ideas in which children can show bravery or protest against injustice in their day to day lives.

Young, Fearless, Awesome book

The children featured in the Young, Fearless, Awesome book are truly inspiring, and right now when children are having to deal with being separated from friends and family, and so much that they’ve all taken for granted, hopefully this book will give them all some inner strength for the months that lie ahead.

I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I do earn from qualifying purchases) in case you’d like to show your children who these children are, and what they’ve all achieved.

I’ve teamed up with Welbeck Publishing to offer two readers the chance to win a copy of the Young, Fearless, Awesome book worth £ 12.99 for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Young, Fearless, Awesome book worth £ 12.99

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50 thoughts on “Young, Fearless, Awesome book- AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. Malala Yousafzai, she risked her life for what she believed in, the education of females, a given right in Western countries.

  2. Greta Thunberg is inspiring, she cares so much about the environment and her passion inspires kids and adults alike

    1. So many inspirational children, I would say my sister as was born with many difficulties but she’s doing so well at school x

  3. Greta Thunberg because of her straightforward speaking manner, both in public and to political leaders in which she urges immediate action to address the climate crisis.

  4. I’m going to say my kids. They both have disabilities yet they’re so positive. They’ve taught me to look at the world in a different way.

  5. My son, hes had a speech impediment since birth, yet he stood up in school and read out aloud,

  6. My niece is so inspiring. When she was born we were told that she would have difficulties and there would be things she wouldn’t be able to do.Instead she is the exact opposite, she can do everything and not only that her test results put her in the top 1% in the country.

  7. There are two, both are wise beyond their years and both have an older brother with autism. They put up with so much without complaint, are so kind and caring, and all they want is a world where their brothers are accepted.

  8. Anne Frank because she was fully aware of the danger she & her family were in but remains so positive

  9. My son. He’s autistic with SLD, can’t read or write, but he takes it all in his stride and is a lovely person, so friendly, happy and good to everyone – he makes me so proud I have no words! xx

  10. Malala Yousafzai is the most inspirational child I know. Where she gets her courage from to recover from being shot, having to leave her home country, campaigning for female education and studying at university I simply do not know. I salute her.

  11. A young man we know called Luca – left severely disable by bacterial meningitis he overcomes huge challenges every day with unbelievable bravery

  12. My friends little boy CJ. He is only 3 years old and has so many health conditions, which will never improve. But he always has a smile on his face and never lets anything get get him down x

  13. I won’t name a name for confidentiality, but in my after school club there is a little girl who only has one arm. She just likes to be treated like everyone else, she tries her best in everything she does and I smile at her when she takes it in her stride and gets on with things.

  14. Greta Thunberg as it’s inspiring to see her so determined to bring awareness to climate change and want better for the world

  15. I think it’s really difficult to choose one but there’s a range of autistic teens and children who are doing amazing things to highlight causes, including a girl called Libby who has now written two books.

  16. I’m inspired by each of my own children for different reasons – especially when they have overcome challenges in their lives and proved those who didn’t believe in them wrong.

  17. Hello, I think that Felix Finkbeiner is very inspiring. He set up an organisation called Plant-for-the-Planet when he was 9 and it has planted over a million trees, which I think is amazing!

  18. Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone, is just incredible. At the age of just 13 he was powering neighborhood houses with batteries made out of acid, soda and metal in a tin cup! If that wasn’t enough, he built a community radio and powered it with a generator that was made out of recycled and reused items.

    I don’t think he’s just an inspiration for other children but for adults. Look what he’s managed to accomplish with so little? It shows us we just need some out of the box and innovative thinking and we can create amazing solutions to our problems.

  19. All the challenges that my 5 year old grandson has overcome, he has non verbal autism and tries so hard to talk, such a caring boy who brings so much joy to our life and has taught us so much. He’s even taught me the solar system and how many moons each planet has!

  20. My son. He has autism and has overcome so much already. He’s doing things he was told he might never be able to do, is so positive and has never let his disability stop him from doing what he wants to do.

  21. My niece Isla for always being so fearless. I am so envious of her confidence in tackling any challenge!

  22. That would have to be my 6 year old nephew Morgan, He was diagnosed with a brain tumor on his brain steam which spread to the bottom of his spine when he was just 2 years old. He wasn’t expected to survive, but now he is cancer free!

  23. my son! he is just such a lovely happy boy and he inspires me to be a better person every day

  24. Greta Thunberg – a voice for her generation and making people uncomfortable for all the right reasons.

  25. my son, he has recently come out , i am so proud of him but he has come across some homephobia already!

    1. Greta Thunberg is very inspiring and has raised awareness on environmental issues across the world

  26. My 2 year old daughter, she was premature and arrived 18 months after i lost her sister, shes a little fighter and she saved me

  27. Children can be Inspiring. Possibly what gives them the ability (courage, bravery, assertiveness, etc) is that they are Cared for, Loved, Nurtured, Protected, Enabled by others. These most likely being those close to them, such as Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Relatives, Friends, Neighbours, etc. As it has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, also Children Learn what They Live.

    As we grow, age, develop:- We have an ‘ inner child ‘. So we are told. I think this inner child can be inspiring, productive, adventurous, inventive, etc. We have in the past been advised to Nurture our Inner Child. Perhaps the Inner Child needs Acknowledgement, Love, Care, Acceptance, Protection, etc. Particularly now when ill health and death have been in the forefront :- News, Media, Communities:- As lockdown has impacted on every day life due to Coronavirus Regulations / guidelines.

    Best Wishes, take Care and be Inspired by your Inner Child.

  28. My young nephew has been through quite a lot recently and still manages to make the most out of all situations!

  29. I think Greta Thunberg is inspiring and vital to get more people caring for our planet before it’s too late x

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