Yuck! said the Yak

Yuck! Said the Yak – a book review

Yuck! Said the Yak is just the sort of book title to grab my son’s attention!  Written by Alex English this paperback picture book has recently been published by Maverick Arts Publishing.

Yuck! said the Yak

Monkey knows all about Yak’s as Yak is the Y word in his phonics scheme at school. He got really excited about this book, I think he’d quite like a Yak to visit us.

Alfie has an unusual visit, a Yak has come to stay. But what do you feed a Yak? We follow Alfie as he offers all sorts of lovely food to the Yak, but Yuck! Said the Yak over and over again.  Poor Alfie baked and made lots of things, but the Yak didn’t like any of them.

Yuck! Said the Yak

Yuck! Said the Yak is the sort of book that leads to lots of discussions about the food we eat, and what other animals consider a feast.

What do you think the Yak did like eating?  This is a charming tale about the different eating habits of a little boy and a wild animal.  It’s kept Monkey entertained.  Another good read for £6.99.

disclaimer: we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review.

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