YUUtuu Gruur back pack

YUUtuu Gruur back pack – a review

YUUtuu Gruur backHave you heard of the YUU range of backpacks?  I have to be totally honest, I hadn’t until recently when we were offered the chance to review the YUUtuu Gruur backpack along with an A5 yellow  YUUfun pack. photo (11) The YUU back packs come in two sizes, we received the YUUtuu which is designed for children aged 3-6 years.  Monkey is 4 and half so just the right child to put the YUUtuu Gruur back pack through its paces.

First impressions – love the Gruur design, perfect for a dinosaur mad Monkey, and the colours are great.  I did have to check on the website to see if we’d received the right size back pack as it seemed so large.  We had!  Wow, the standard YUU bags designed for children aged 7-12 years must be really big. Once I’d got over the size of the YUUtuu Gruur back pack, it was time to look a bit deeper.

This is a really well constructed bag, it’s sturdy and made from a moulded foam panel, generally well thought out and has lots of great features.  Monkey and I just kept finding new things. Monkey loves the fact he now has his own detachable pencil-case in matching material. There are pockets everywhere, little places to store all sorts of goodies.  Monkey has stashed his favourite cars away in the pop up basket area and I’ve been able to keep his sunhat, sunglasses and sun cream safe. I would say it’s the kind of back pack that would be great to have in the car on a long journey, it would also come into its own on a holiday.

The front folds down to make a little desk; we’ll certainly use the YUUtuu when we go visit family in Spain.

I love the reflective disc on the front of the YUUtuu back pack, there are also reflective strips on both padded shoulder straps.  It’s going to be a safe option in the winter months.  It’s been ergonomically designed to support growing spines.  I like the padded back panels.

The downside – there is nowhere to store a Monkey sized water bottle.  The outside pockets aren’t large enough.  I can see this back pack being a firm favourite with Monkey for some years to come, but not being able to store a fairly average sized water bottle is a shame.

Each YUUtuu back pack comes complete with a YUUfun pack.  This consists of a set of colouring pencils, a drawing pad, magnetic snakes and ladder game and a membership card to the YUUclub.  The colouring pencils went straight in Monkey’s new pencil-case. The game has been a big hit, again, great for travelling and the YUUclub offers free games to play on the computer.

If you want to find out more about the YUU range of products you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The YUUtuu Gruur back pack including YUUfun pack is priced at £38.00, which sounds expensive until you actually see it for real.  It’s more like a piece of kids luggage than your bog standard flimsy back pack.  It’s an investment, it offers good support and the straps adjust as your child grows.  Personally I think the YUUtuu is too bag for a 3-year-old to wear.  I do think though, that a big 4 and half year old Monkey is going to be making use of this back pack for some years to come.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

6 thoughts on “YUUtuu Gruur back pack – a review

  1. That looks really cool. My 4 year old insists on wearing a backpack when we go out – he packs it himself with snacks and a drink and sun hat and various other bits and pieces – and he’ll wear it all day. His is a little tiny High Gear one that doesn’t have all these added extras, he’d love this.

  2. I’ve still not written my review, but like you I was astonished at the size of it. But on, it’s not as big even on N. He’s not really one to wear a rucksack all day, he gets rid fairly early on, but for car journeys it would be great.

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