Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter

Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter – AD a guest review

Disclosure: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

We recently received a great Stunt Scooter, but as it is aimed at children aged 8 years and over, it was clearly going to be some time before Monkey could show it off to its full potential.  I scratched my head and realised we knew exactly the right person to put this Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter to the test. So on our recent trip to Bognor Regis, we left a rather happy Boy with his latest challenge.  Over to The Soup Dragon Says to hear what she and her 8-year-old son thought:

We were thrilled when Mary asked us to help her review the Zinc Zycho Black stunt scooter, as the boy has been asking me if he can have one for some time. He loves his bike, but with the journey to school being literally at the bottom of the road it can be a nuisance sometimes to go and get it out of the shed. The boy also loves riding his three-wheel scooter, but as I have been told many times, you can’t do tricks on three wheels! I was hopeful that the Zycho stunt scooter, would be just the thing for my little daredevil.

So the boy was put to the test, and the first run went well, the scooter is solid, not too light and runs well, I did have a little sneaky go myself, and I think maybe I am a little too big as I found the small wheels overbalanced with my weight. The boy tells me that the Zycho scooter is pretty epic, and has some pretty cool features. He liked the skull detail on the bottom of the fixed handlebars. These turn 360 degrees so that you can do jump tricks.

Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter

The boy has been practising bunny hops up the road and has become good at these very quickly. The boy also tells me the deck with its grip and cool pattern are pretty good and was even willing to tell me on a video what he thinks.

For those of you that would like the technical spec for the scooter here it is:

Zycho uses a 7000 series Aluminium – With its zinc elements the material flexes under stress and returns to its original shape, Chro-moly steel Y bar, Standard Aluminum Quad Clamp, CNC Threadless headset with unique Zinc branding, CNC Aluminium fork, Anodised Aluminium deck, Flex fender brake, 100mm High Bounce 5 Spoke Alloy core wheels – 88A PU, Pro Grips
Available 3 colours – Red/Black/Blue
100kgs Maximum Weight

You can tell from the weight and the feel of the Zycho that this is a quality stunt scooter and not one that will be easily damaged.

Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter

The boy finds it fast and easy to ride and has taken it with him on every opportunity, even offering to go to the shops with Dad M for the milk. The recommended age for this scooter is 8+ which seems right as the handlebars are fixed and not adjustable for height. The contrast red colour on the wheels look great against the black scooter, and I know it will be a quick and efficient way to get the boy to school when he starts back in September.
The Zycho scooter is available from independent retailers and online for RRP £120 which may seem a little pricey, but you can tell that this is not the type of scooter that will fall apart after a few rough tricks.
Thanks to Mary and Monkey for the loan of the scooter, I am sure it will be well used over the summer holidays, and maybe even feature in some future videos!

8 thoughts on “Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter – AD a guest review

  1. That’s strange Tina says it didn’t suit as it’s an up to adult scooter (if it’s like the one we tested). I’m nearing the top end of the weight range for it, and find it fine – when N will let go of it!

  2. Looks good for anyone wanting to practice stunts. Thankfully 7yo isn’t such a daredevil so I can rest easy for a little while.

  3. It sounds like a great scooter but is definitely on the pricey side. I know how much E loves scooters though and if it is going to last a long time it might be worth looking into spending that bit more.

  4. Sounds and looks like a great scooter but not sure about the price tag. Think they’d have to be really in to scooting to get this lol.

  5. This is one of my favourite scooters, it is a little more expensive than some other models but it’s a great scooter for hitting the jumps 😀

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