Zippo the Super Hippo

Zippo the Super Hippo

Having recently visited Whipsnade Zoo where they have some lovely hippos including the cutest baby you have ever seen, I just knew that Zippo the Super Hippo was going to be well received here.

Zippo the Super Hippo

Zippo the Super Hippo is written by Kes Gray, illustrated by Nikki Dyson and was published through Pan Macmillan in July.

What kind of super power would you like?  Monkey would like to be able to magic tractors our of thin air (as you do), but Zippo the Hippo wants to have a really exciting super power, but what could it be? He discusses his skills with his best friend Roxi the Oxpecker – he is particularly good at getting muddy, as is my Monkey.  But could you class that as a super power?

Of course Roxi can fly, but can Zippo?  We follow the friends as Zippo tries so hard to fly.

Zippo the Super HippoUnfortunately he wasn’t quite so good with flying, as a number of other animals discovered to their cost.  Roxi decides that Zippo does have a super power and it involves his bottom.  This idea went down rather well with a 5 year old Monkey, followed by a lot of giggles.

Zippo the Super Hippo is a lovely, funny picture book that will keep youngster amused. It’s certainly worked here. Priced at £5.99 but currently on offer on Amazon at £3.85, so I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below for your reference.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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