Zoo Camp Puzzle

Zoo Camp Puzzle

Today I’m sharing the latest Animal Planet Adventures book to be released through Liberty Street, called Zoo Camp Puzzle.  Aimed at children aged 8-12 years, this 112 page paperback book is an activity book as well as being a story book.

Zoo Camp Puzzle

Written by Gail Herman, Zoo Camp Puzzle is a chapter book following the adventures of 10-year-old twins Ava and Rosie Scott, as they visit a small zoo in Iowa called Fieldstone Zoo.  it’s not any visit though, the girls will actually be staying at the zoo with their older brother Ethan, whilst their Mum writes a new book.  This would be my 7 year old son’s idea of heaven, but for these city girls, they really aren’t so keen to be away from everything they know.

Zoo Camp Puzzle

The girls are tasked with setting up a zoo camp for kids to enjoy during the Spring holidays.

Throughout Zoo Camp Puzzle there are factual pages about life in a zoo and the animals you might find there.  We’re regular zoo and safari park adventurers, but there’s still always something new to learn.

Zoo Camp Puzzle

The children are asked to check through some puzzles that the Scott’s will hand out to visitors to complete during their stays at the zoo.  Not only do the children have to make sure the puzzles are right, but you, the reader get to try them out too.

Zoo Camp Puzzle

The children are left at the zoo while their parents sort out a permit.  As they walk around they realise that something is wrong.  The zebra are no longer calm, there are strange marks on fences and some of the animals are missing!  Can they track the animals down before the first holidaymakers arrive?

I won’t ruin the end of Zoo Camp Puzzle for you, but it’s an enjoyable read for children and a book with educational value too.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for this £4.99 book.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Zoo Camp Puzzle book

45 thoughts on “Zoo Camp Puzzle

  1. My fave zoo animal is elephant. The elephant’s trunk is so dexterous it can pick up very tiny things including a single grain of rice.

  2. Giraffes – they appear in my sons favourite joke – why do giraffes have long necks? Because their feet smell

  3. A giraffe, I fell in love with them on Safari when one bent right down and looked me straight in the eye. They are so graceful with eyelashes to die for

  4. my little boy is monkey obsessed!! as soon as he sees a picture of 1 he shouts monkeeeeeeee hes only 20 months bless him!

  5. Elephants, ive always been fascinated by them, I think its the size and the funny things they do with their trunks. Always seem to be having fun.

  6. I love all the animals, especially the elephants as they just seem so gentle even though they are so huge! Love how they use their trunks!

  7. We have a big silverback gorilla at Bristol zoo and when he looks at you, its almost as if he knows what you are thinking. He is my favourite.

  8. Lions , just love how we are so close to such a dangerous animal and every time I’m shocked how big they are

  9. We all love tigers here because Phoenix loves their stripes and Maxx loves the fact they are a type of cat albeit a big one. 🙂 We are lucky that our local wildlife park has real ones so we go and see them occasionally.

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