Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

There seems to be an inbuilt setting in children, especially boys, that they become totally fascinated with dinosaurs with no influence from their parents. That’s certainly been the case here. Monkey is an avid Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures watcher (to the point I bought the entire series on DVD for him). We’ve hunted dinosaurs all over the country and of course he has various plastic toy ones. A certain little critter caught my eye at the Dream Toys 2015 event I visited recently, I just knew Monkey would love him. Let me introduce you to the Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail from Spin Master.

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail is one of a series of 8 interactive dinosaurs in the range, aimed at children aged 5 years and over.

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

Our Tiger Tail dino comes complete with a bone and requires 3xAAA batteries to operate. Once inserted, turn him on and the fun begins.

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

He has sensors in his nose, mouth and back as well as a foot and tail activation.  His eyes change colour and plays games with you.  That’s all before you listen to him burp and fart. Oh yes, it’s fair to say he’s been an instant hit.

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

He can chomp away on his bone, and senses when something is in front of him. You can play with him on auto, play and guard mode – his eyes change colour depending on the mode selected.

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

Monkey started playing with the Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail in Auto mode (green eyes).  He has been fascinated by the sensors on his new dinosaur, you can wave your hands in front of his face and his jaws will start snapping and he starts making noises.

Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail

By pressing the white button on Tiger Tail’s back you activate the Play mode (purple eyes) where you can play three different games – Hot Hands (blue eyes), Catch (orange eyes) and Sound Warp (white eyes).

If you hold the back button down until Tiger Tail’s eyes turn red you can access the Guard mode with two different ways to play – Motion Sensor and Protect.

The range of play has kept Monkey entertained over the last couple of weeks.  He loves throwing a bone to Tiger Tail, and pulling his tail to make him fart.  Yep, that’s my son.

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching the Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail is ideal as a travelling companion as he’s small enough to pack in a case or bag.  He’s lightweight but well made.  The only slight niggle I have is that our Tiger Tail makes a humming noise whenever he’s switched on which I find slightly annoying.  It doesn’t seem to worry Monkey, but it’s not something I’ve come across in other interactive toys.

Monkey has certainly taken his Zoomer Chomplingz Tiger Tail to his heart, the variety of game play has surprised us both, and I can see this toy being played with for some time to come.

Priced at £39.99 I think this toy represents good value for money and compares well with other interactive toys. I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

Disclaimer:. We were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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