RSPB – ‪#‎homesfornature‬ weekend challenge – build a Hedgehog home #beasts

So last weekend’s challenge set by the RSPB Giving Nature a Home campaign – #homesfornature weekend challenge – build a hedgehog home.  We had a busy weekend lined up so I knew that if we could manage this challenge , it would be on a week day.

We needed to build a chamber – what with?  I was really struggling with this until we stumbled upon some loose tree bark on the grass on a day out earlier in the week.  Lightbulb moment – we can recycle that for our chamber for our homes for nature hedgehog home!

We were off!

RSPB homes for nature, hedgehog home, RSPB #homesfornature weekend challenge build a hedgehog home

We have a low-lying shrub at the bottom of the garden with long, low hanging branches – ideal for a hedgehog home.  My son carried the bark out for me and I constructed a bark chamber under the shrub – it took a bit of doing to get it all to stay together, but finally, it was done.  I pulled the shrub branches over the top and hope that a hedgehog might like to set up home soon.

We do get hedgehogs in the garden so fingers crossed one might move in permanently.

Now, I should also remind everyone that this weekend is the RSPB Big Sleepout, if you like camping out and fancy finding some wildlife in your back garden then join in 🙂

2 thoughts on “RSPB – ‪#‎homesfornature‬ weekend challenge – build a Hedgehog home #beasts

    1. We do get hedgehogs so hopefully one of them will like it. I got all excited about ‘life’ in our pond, but it appears we have mossie larvae – still life, but not as I’d like it!

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