Our wildlife pond challenge

‪RSPB #‎homesfornature‬ challenge – a pond #beasts

RSPB #homesfornature challenge – a pond #beasts

As you know we’re working with the RSPB and their Giving Nature a Home campaign. This weekend’s challenge for #homesfornature is to build a pond for #beasts!  I thought we might have a bit of a problem convincing Daddy P on this one, but after a lot of ear-bashing from my son, he relented.

So what could we make our pond out of?  Money is tight so I didn’t want to spend too much money, our garden is small, to say the least, so our pond needed to be compact.  I had a search in our garage AKA junk storage area and had a brain wave!

Meet our pond ……. otherwise known as an old cat litter tray.

A cat litter tray soon to be pond

Our next challenge was to collect some stones for our pond, this is easy, our garden is FULL of stones.

Collecting Stones for our pond

Then it was time to decide on where to put our pond and add the stones to make it easy for wildlife to get in and out. Brewster wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Making our pond

We then needed to fill it with water, Monkey enjoyed this part quite a lot.  Then a quick trip to our local Aquatics shop to pick up a couple of pond plants, and we added a couple of sticks for mini beasts to perch on ……

Our wildlife pond challenge completed

We built the earth up around the pond and added some more stones, we probably need to add some more.

What do you think?

Challenge completed 🙂


12 thoughts on “‪RSPB #‎homesfornature‬ challenge – a pond #beasts

  1. I think that’s a definite success. Our pond is an old cat litter tray too. We must get some aquatic plants. Actually, that could be a mission for tomorrow!

  2. What a brilliant pond Mary, we love doing things like this. We spend a lot of time on the rspb website and usually do quite a few of their challenges, it’s such great fun but educational and helping nature too.

    I hope you get lots of interesting little visitors to your pond x

    1. Thank you, I’m actually quite chuffed with it, and even Daddy P grunted approvingly. Just need to magic some frogs from somewhere!! I’m so pleased we started working with the RSPB on these projects.

  3. I’d say a job well done!! Just shows anything is possible if you put your mind to it, even without splashing the cash.. I bet the kiddies loved it! X

  4. I love your pond. It’s going to attract so much wildlife. I’m sure it will give you hours of interest.

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