A Perfect Explanation – AD sent for review

A Perfect Explanation

Today I’d like to introduce you to a book I read last month which will be published on 15th March through Salt Publishing.  A Perfect Explanation  is written by Eleanor Anstruther and is a fictional story based on her own aristocratic family.  This is part of a blog tour, you can… Continue reading »

The Dinner List – AD sent for review

The Dinner List

If you could invite anyone to dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite? I’ve often wondered how lovely it would be to spend an evening talking to the grandparents I either never knew, or those who died when I was a children. In The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle… Continue reading »

Gallowstree Lane – AD sent for review

Gallowstree Lane

If you’re looking for a cracking crime novel to read then I can highly recommend Gallowstree Lane by Kate London.  Published earlier this month through Corvus, it kept my attention from start to finish. Gallowstree Lane is the third novel in the series featuring DI Sarah Collins and DC Lizzie… Continue reading »

The Magick of Master Lilly – AD sent for review

The Magick of Master Lilly

I’ve always been interested in history and it was my favourite subject at school, but I’ve only recently started reading more historically based novels again.  I’ve just finished a cracker of a book that I want to share with you today.  The Magick of Master Lilly is written by Tobsha Learner… Continue reading »

The Knowledge – a book review

The Knowledge

I’ve not come across the Richard Jury series of detective books before, so I was eager to see if that would matter when I started to read The Knowledge by Martha Grimes. Published through Grove Press in August this year, this is the twenty-fourth book in the series and it’s one… Continue reading »

The Devil’s Half Mile – a book review

The Devils Half Mile

I do love a book that grips you from the start and having just finished The Devil’s Half Mile by Paddy Hirsch, I can confirm that this book does just that. Published through Corvus Books in July this year, it’s a book I can thoroughly recommend, especially if you like a… Continue reading »