All The Missing Girls – a book review

All The Missing Girls

I’m always on the look out for a new thriller and the debut novel from Megan Miranda has kept me up late into the night recently.  All the Missing Girls was published through Corvus Books last month and is well worth a read if you’re looking for something to keep… Continue reading »

All of Us and Everything – a book review

All of Us and Everything

I’ve just finished reading All of Us and Everything by Bridget Asher and if you’re looking for a good page turner over the Christmas period, I can thoroughly recommend. Published through Corvus Books last month, we meet the Rockwell sisters, Esme, Liv and Ru. Their mother Augusta ruled the roost when… Continue reading »

After Isabella

After Isabella

When I was in Spain I got to catch up on some reading and enjoyed After Isabella, by Rosie.  The paperback book was published through Allen & Unwin yesterday. Watching someone die of cancer is the most hideous thing, being there as they pass on, is something that never leaves… Continue reading »

The Prospector

The Prospector

Back in 1994 I spent a couple of weeks in Mauritius, it was a holiday, a wedding and a voyage of discovery.  It’s the place where a 26-year-old who was terrified of the water, a girl who couldn’t swim, walked on the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  Although my prince… Continue reading »

Bone by Bone – a book review

Bone by Bone

I love it when a book grips you from the start and you can’t wait to turn the page.  Bone by Bone is written by Sanjida Kay, and it has kept me awake late at night as I just couldn’t put it down! This new paperback will be published through… Continue reading »

Waterloo – A New History of the Battles and Armies

Waterloo - A New History of the Battles and Armies

I’ve been interested in history since I learnt about the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Rome and Greece as a child.  With the 200 anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo being celebrated in June this year, I figured it was about time I learnt more about a period of history I… Continue reading »