Guinness World Record Challenges game

Guinness World Record Challenges game – sent for review

I can remember as a child that Record Breakers was one of my favourite TV programmes to watch with my brother.  Watching people from around the world breaking all sorts of records was always inspiring, even if some of them were rather bizarre.  Now my own son is about to turn nine, he’s also fascinated […]

Colt Express

Colt Express – a board game review #BoardGameClub

It’s no secret that my eight year old son loves his steam trains so I knew he’d enjoy the concept of Colt Express, the latest board game for us to look at for Asmodee UK as part of their Board Game Club. Colt Express is aimed at those aged 10 years and over and can […]

Pay Day

Pay Day – a game review

I don’t know about your children, but my son does have a habit of thinking that money grows on trees and he can just click his fingers and funds will appear in his piggy bank.  We’ve had the opportunity to play a fun game called Pay Day recently, which might have helped the penny to […]

Learning to play Carcassonne

Learning to play Carcassonne #BoardGameClub

I do love a bit of history and even my eight year old son loves castles and stories of knights and medieval times.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning to play Carcassonne which has suited us down to the ground.  We’d received the game as part of the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game […]

Ticket to Ride - Europe

Ticket to Ride – Europe #BoardGameClub

We’ve recently been asked to join the Blogger Board Game Club with Esdevium Games and each month we’ll be sharing our thoughts on a different game.  Being a family of steam train enthusiasts, we were more than excited to open our first box and discover Ticket to Ride – Europe, inside! I have had my […]

Word Rush

Word Rush – a game review

The girls were coming over for a curry and a catch up recently and I thought it would be a great time to try out a new game with them.  Suitable for anyone aged 8 years and over, Word Rush from Tactic Games, can be played with 2-6 players and it certainly kept us entertained. […]