Who Did It?

Who Did It? #BoardGameClub (sent for review)

We’ve been having fun with a new game recently, and as my son loves anything that relates to bodily functions (he’s a boy what can I say!) it’d been a big hit.  We were sent Who Did It? by Asmodee UK as part of the Blogger Board Game Club and this is perfect for quick […]

Timeline British History

Timeline British History – a review #BoardGameClub

Luckily for me, my eight year old son seems to love learning about history as much as I always have.  He’s certainly fascinated with the Industrial Revolution and anything relating to steam.  During his time in Year Three at school he’s been learning about the Tudor period and the Romans and I’ve really wanted to […]

Learning to play Carcassonne

Learning to play Carcassonne #BoardGameClub

I do love a bit of history and even my eight year old son loves castles and stories of knights and medieval times.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning to play Carcassonne which has suited us down to the ground.  We’d received the game as part of the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game […]