Space themed fun with Brainstorm

We’ve been having lots of space themed fun with Brainstorm over the last month.  You might have noticed my recent giveaway for a Space torch and Cosmic Stars set.  My son has been fascinated with space, the moon and stars for as long as I can remember and he loves his Space torch, and has […]

Safe Breaker

Safe Breaker – a game review

Sometimes a box is delivered and I just know it’s going to be an instant hit.  Safe Breaker from Brainstorm Ltd, is one of those games.  Aimed at children aged 6 years and over, we’ve paid this game numerous times over the last week and apparently it’s totally awesome, as judged by my 7 year […]

Stikbot fun

Stikbot fun – a review for Brainstorm

We’ve been entertained lately by some very nimble chaps who were launched in the UK last week at Toy Fair by Brainstorm Limited.  We’ve been having some Stikbot fun. The Stikbot is aimed at children aged 4 years and over and comes in a range of six bright colours.  They are multi-positional and come with suction cups […]

Stikbot animation

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 310116

We’ve been trying our hands at a bit of animation with these little Stikbot characters.  They were launched in the UK at Toy Fair on Monday and I’ve got a review coming up next week.  They really are great fun and Monkey and I have a lot to learn about animation from the examples I […]