Stowe Landscape Gardens – revisiting an old friend

Stowe Landscape Gardens

The weather last weekend was lovely wasn’t it.  I’d been at Blog On Win all day on Saturday and Monkey had spent most of the day helping Daddy P with work jobs.  We all needed to dust off the cobwebs on Sunday.  We had planned to visit the Banbury Canal… Continue reading »

Walking around Brill #Countrykids

Walking around Brill

I’m as guilty as the next person of not enjoying what is right under my nose.  We are surrounded by lovely countryside here and really it’s very easy to get outdoors without travelling a long distance.  Earlier this month we did just that, and spent an afternoon walking around Brill,… Continue reading »

Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor #CountryKids

Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor

Back in the Easter Holidays Iona and her son were coming down to spend the day with us and I saw something that I thought we might all enjoy trying out. The Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor event was running throughout the holidays and I’d heard some good reports. We decided… Continue reading »

Where did those 2 weeks go?

Where did those 2 weeks go

Wow, it’s 13th April, where did those 2 weeks go?  Monkey went back to school today after an action packed Easter holiday. I took a much-needed break from the blog to enjoy every moment with him and to have some chill out time in the evenings. So what did we… Continue reading »

Stowe through the lens of a 5 year old

Stowe through the lens of a 5 year old

A few weeks ago we headed over to one of our favourite places with Redpeffer and her family.  Monkey wanted to take his camera and so the idea of Monkey Moments was born. Today I’m sharing his viewpoint with you –  Stowe through the lens of a 5 year old…. Continue reading »

Blowing the cobwebs away #CountryKids

Blowing the cobwebs away

As I’d been unwell the week leading up to Christmas, by 27th Monkey and I were both in need of some fresh air.  We decided to join his Auntie and Uncle for a walk, blowing the cobwebs away around Stowe Gardens. You’ll have seen me write about Stowe Gardens before,… Continue reading »