Bug hunting on Headley Heath

Bug hunting on Headley Heath

If you’ve read the blog for any length you will know that my Dad (Guru Gramps) is a keen amateur entomologist who has shared that love with both my son and I.  I’m so grateful for the love of nature he’s instilled into me and that I can now pass on to my son.  On […]

The Alphabet Photography Project I is for Inspection

The Alphabet Photography Project I is for Inspection #alphabetphoto

Week 9 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and what to pick for I? Last year I chose Immaculate and gave you a glimpse into a Ferrari F1 pit garage.  This year? Uum… Insects always spring to mind with our family, and then I found this photo, a photo I adore – The Alphabet Photography Project I […]

My Living World Bug Safari

My Living World Bug Safari – a review

As regular readers of the blog will know we are avid bug hunters here.  I spent my childhood traipsing around ponds and canals with my brother and my Dad, aka Guru Gramps hunting out mini beasts.  Dad is an amateur entomologist with an encyclopedic knowledge of anything from hover flies to ladybirds, butterflies to praying […]

The Gruffalo Trail

The Gruffalo Trail #weloveforests

On Thursday we had a very special invitation, we had a magical afternoon and memories were made that will hopefully stay with Monkey for a lifetime.  The Gruffalo (a big favourite here) is celebrating his 15th Birthday this year.  To celebrate the occasion, the Forestry Commission have organised a number of self-led Gruffalo Trails across 28 of […]

Bug hunting in the Campo

Bug hunting in the Campo #CountryKids

You may remember our last trip to Spain where Monkey got to see lots of interesting mini beasts with Guru Gramps.  Well, we weren’t going to miss the opportunity to go on another bug hunting trip when we visited Spain again recently.  We were off bug hunting in the Campo with Guru Gramps again. The […]

A morning at Forest School

A morning at Forest School – sounds like fun!  I’d discovered the Earth Trust website recently and loved the idea that they organise nature time for pre-schoolers.  I made a note in my diary of the next Discover and Play: Forest School for pre-school children and decided that this was a date we would definately […]