Fletter word game – a review

Fletter word game

As you all know I am always looking for new ways to get my son reading and working on his vocabulary.  When I was approached by the team behind the Fletter word game recently, I decided that it looked like another fun way of getting my son working with words…. Continue reading »

Timeline British History – a review #BoardGameClub

Timeline British History

Luckily for me, my eight year old son seems to love learning about history as much as I always have.  He’s certainly fascinated with the Industrial Revolution and anything relating to steam.  During his time in Year Three at school he’s been learning about the Tudor period and the Romans… Continue reading »

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS – review and giveaway

Going retro with Top Trumps

There are a number of classic games from my childhood that are still much loved over 40 years later. I’ve been reliving my childhood with a game that always had my younger brother and I pitting our wits against each other.  This time around, I’m up against a very shrewd… Continue reading »

Rhino Hero – review and giveaway

Rhino Hero

Every so often I come across something that has Monkey’s name written all over it.  It’s a moment when I just can’t wait to take delivery of an item and know it will be an instant hit. When Esdevium Games mentioned the Haba card game, Rhino Hero, that was one… Continue reading »

Junior Monopoly and Trumps Cars & Bikes from Shuffle

Junior Monopoly and Trumps Cars & Bikes from Shuffle

I was recently contacted by the team at Shuffle and asked if Monkey would like to try a couple of their card games.  They have a whole range of games available for children aged 4 years and over.  I’m always on the look out for games that we can take… Continue reading »

Dobble Kids – a review

Dobble Kids

You may remember earlier this year we reviewed Dobble for Esdevium Games.  It’s been a big hit here, but as it’s aimed for those over the age of 6 years, we’ve had to adapt it for a 4 year old Monkey.  Well we don’t need to do that anymore!  He now… Continue reading »