Butterfly World from My Living World

Butterfly World from My Living World

You may remember when Monkey and I reared a Lackey moth from a caterpillar we found on a pathway not far from our home back in 2013.  I’ve been promising him we’d repeat the exercise ever since, especially as he covered the life cycle of butterflies at school recently. We… Continue reading »

My Spanish Country Kid

My Spanish Country Kid

I promised Fiona at Coombe Mill that I’d have a Spanish theme for a Country Kids post following our trip to my parents last month – well here it is.  Monkey is my Spanish Country Kid, enjoying time with Guru Gramps, our resident bug hunter and his Granny. Monkey’s first… Continue reading »

Caterpillar update – week 3 – we have breaking news!

I was wondering what I was going to write this week in our caterpillar diary as nothing has happened at all since my last post. I came downstairs this morning, walked into the kitchen, clicked the kettle on and noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye.  Something… Continue reading »

Caterpillar update time – week 2

Saturday 15th June – I can see our pupating caterpillar moving from the underside of his home.  I picked the glass jar up earlier to remove the uneaten Hawthorn leaves and I could see the cocoon moving quite a lot.  Guess our caterpillar is making himself at home within his… Continue reading »

Caterpillar update time – week 1

Due to popular demand I have decided to write a weekly progress report on our caterpillar.  If you’ve missed all the fun then please click on these two previous posts to bring you up to speed 🙂 When I went to bed last Saturday our new addition to the family… Continue reading »

Another hungry caterpillar

So our caterpillar saga continues.  Following on from yesterday’s post, Monkey woke up this morning asking where the caterpillar was –  aargh!!  Well obviously caterpillar was nowhere to be found in the garden. We walked to pre-school will eagle eyes looking for another one, nothing.  Nothing when I walked home… Continue reading »