Fast Forward – AD sent for review and giveaway

Fast Forward

You all know that I’m a bit of a petrol head and a lover of motorsport generally.  My son has grown up with my love of Formula One in particular and I’m proud to say that he’s also a Ferrari fan!  I knew he’d enjoy looking at the latest release… Continue reading »

Discovering Architecture – AD sent for review and giveaway

Discovering Architecture

My son has an interest in engineering that started with trains and anything related to Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  He may only be nine, but anything to do with bridges and construction has held his interest for some time now.  Last half term he was learning about Ancient Egypt and as… Continue reading »

Life At The Zoo – AD sent for review

Life At The Zoo

As you all know we do love visiting zoo’s and wildlife parks here.  I’ve always been very keen for my son to appreciate wildlife and see animals from far afield.  We’ve been reading Life At The Zoo by Michael George recently, which takes us behind the scenes. Published through Sterling… Continue reading »

Weird Animals – AD sent for review and giveaway

Weird Animals

As you all know we love animals here and we’ve been learning about some rather strange one in the latest book we’ve been sent to review for Sterling Books.  Weird Animals is written by Mary Kay Carson and is aimed at children aged 6-11 years of age. The 32 page… Continue reading »

The Story of the Second World War for Children – AD sent for review and giveaway

The Story of the Second World War for Children

I never got to study the Second World War at school, if I’d stayed in Surrey for my O’levels I’d have studied it then, and when I arrived in Oxfordshire, it was in the syllabus for the year before you took your options.  So that all meant that I had… Continue reading »

World Football Records book – review and giveaway worth £19.99

World Football Records

Following on from yesterday’s football themed post, today I’m sharing with you the recently published World Football Records book from Carlton Books.  This 256 page hardback book written by Keir Radnedge is a must for any fan of the sport. The World Football Records book is the 10th edition which is full… Continue reading »