Chuggington Turbo Charged Chugger! – DVD review and giveaway

Chuggington Turbo Charged Chugger

Are you ready to ride the rails with the latest release from Brewster’s namesake and his friends?  Let me introduce you to the Chuggington Turbo Charged Chugger! DVD. Featuring our favourite Chuggington characters as they continue on their Chugger adventures, alongside Hanzo and Tyne.  The Chuggington Turbo Charged Chugger! DVD runs for just… Continue reading »

Chuggington We are the Chuggineers – app review

Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers

Having recently bought an iPad mini for Monkey and I to SHARE (go me, getting all up to date with technology!) I knew he’d love to try out the new Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers app.  No more playing games on my phone, now he can have a bigger screen… Continue reading »

Chuggineers Ready to Build DVD – review and giveaway

Chuggineers Ready to Build

Monkey loves trains, and Chuggington has been a favourite TV series in this house for a long time.  With our cat being called Brewster it doesn’t take much to guess who Monkey’s favourite Chugger is does it. We recently received the new Chuggington DVD to review – Chuggineers Ready to… Continue reading »

Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set – Chuggington StackTrack

Brewster's Big Build Adventure Set

You may remember that a few months ago we reviewed a two different Chuggington StackTrack sets.  They’ve been a big hit with Monkey and we were thrilled when TOMY asked us to review the latest addition to the range – Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set. I knew Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set… Continue reading »

Chuggington StackTrack and Diecast sets – a review for Tomy Part 2

Chuggington StackTrack and Diecast sets

Yesterday I showed you the first part of my review for the Chuggington StackTrack and Diecast Sets featuring some of the die-cast Chuggington trains and the StackTrack Tunnel Bridge Adventure set.  Today I’m bringing you the Chuggington Die Cast Twists and Turns Action Track Pack. Again this wonderful set from… Continue reading »

Chuggington StackTrack and Diecast sets – a review for Tomy Part 1

Chuggington StackTrack and Diecast sets

Having a cat called Brewster gives you a fairly good idea that we love Chuggington in this house.  You all know how much we love trains. When the lovely people at Tomy sent us a couple of packages recently I just knew that Monkey would be over the moon.  We… Continue reading »