Spring Cleaning with Zoflora – a review

Spring Cleaning with Zoflora

 Flying back from Spain at the end of the weekend to glorious weather, made me realise that Spring is really on its way.  The Daffodils have started to sprout and it’s time to freshen up my home. I’ve been spring cleaning with Zoflora and their Springtime disinfectant. . Not only… Continue reading »

Harpic are helping me to beat Limescale

Harpic are helping me to beat Limescale

We live in Oxfordshire, we have very hard water, which means we have a constant enemy! We are constantly fighting the build up of limescale, whether it be in our kettle, washing machine or in the bathroom and cloakrooms.  But now I have some assistance!  Harpic are helping me to… Continue reading »

I’ve joined the Hygiene Revolution

I live in a house with Monkey, a typical 3 and half-year old muck attracting little boy, a one year old cat who insists on walking all over my kitchen work tops with his muddy paws and Daddy P who is verging on OCD when it comes to keeping the… Continue reading »