Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo – AD invited to review

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

I can’t think of a more perfect day out for us than one that involves, fresh air, animals and Lego.  We spent Tuesday discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire and even a slightly drizzly day couldn’t dampen our spirits. We really enjoy visits to Marwell Zoo, it’s very walkable… Continue reading »

A world of dinosaurs from Schleich

A world of dinosaurs from Schleich

My son might be eight now but he’s still very much a lover of all things dinosaur related.  From books to films, he’s always spouting facts and figures relating to these long extinct animals.  With a world of dinosaurs from Schleich he’s often to be found having new adventures in a… Continue reading »

Animal Planet Dinosaurs! – a book review

Animal Planet Dinosaurs!

My 7 year old son has been enjoying the chapter book Animal Planet Dinosaurs! recently and I’m sure if you’ve got a young dinosaur fan, they may well do too.  Now, don’t be too surprised, I’m still the one doing the reading here, but this chapter book is aimed at children… Continue reading »

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs – review

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs

Like most children of his age, my 7 year son is obsessed with dinosaurs.  It’s always amazed me how quickly he picked up all of the, sometimes incredibly hard to pronounce names, and can reel them off to me verbatim. It’s like he was born with the information already programmed… Continue reading »

Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine

Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine

Monkey is a huge fan of Andy Day, from before we met him on tour a few years ago.  We regularly watch Andy’s Wild Adventures and Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures (we even have the entire set on DVD) on CBeebies. So we were both super excited to hear that there is… Continue reading »

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge #CountryKids

Dinosaur hunting in Cambridge

You may recall that Monkey and I visited Cambridge at the start of the school holidays. The trip didn’t go quite to plan as Monkey’s eardrum decided to perforate whilst we were there, cutting our trip short.  But we did manage to have some fun and we did go Dinosaur hunting… Continue reading »