A Family Portrait

A family portrait

Monkey is a rather reluctant writer and when it comes to drawing, he’s only just starting to emerge from the scribble stage.  Yes, as with everything my son is going to take his time. He won’t be writing the 21st century version of War and Peace by his 6th birthday and he’s no Rembrandt.  But […]

Twinkl – a wealth of downloadable resources at the click of a button

I was recently asked by Twinkl to have a look at their website and share my thoughts.  So, who are Twinkl? Well, Twinkl offer over 60,000 hand drawn downloadable resources which are used by primary schools and other educational settings all over the UK and beyond.  They also have a section dedicated to help us […]

Taking me back in time

Monkey was amusing himself in the kitchen whilst I was cooking dinner last night, with his blackboard and some chalks. When I turned round to check on him, it took me back to when I was a little girl.  My Granny bought me a lovely blackboard that stood on an easel.  I spent many happy […]