The Little Reindeer DVD review and giveaway

The Little Reindeer DVD

I do love a good kids film to get me in the Christmas spirit, and Abbey Home Media are releasing The Little Reindeer DVD, a lovely short film animation on 28th October.  We’ve been lucky to get a sneak preview. The Little Reindeer DVD is based on the book of… Continue reading »

Jollywobbles! Car Wash DVD – review and giveaway

Jollywobbles! Car Wash DVD

You mention Justin Fletcher in this house and Monkey’s ear perk up immediately.  We never tire of watching something involving Justin on Cbeebies and you know that there’ll be lots of laughter involved along the way.  Abbey Home Media are releasing Jollywobbles! Car Wash DVD on 21st October which features… Continue reading »

Mr Bloom’s Nursery Giant Turnip DVD review and giveaway

Mr Bloom's Nursery Giant Turnip DVD

As regular readers of the blog will know, Daddy P comes from a long line of greengrocer’s.  We’ve been actively involving Monkey in growing his own fruit and vegetables this year.  So it will come as no real surprise that we’re rather fond of Mr Bloom’s Nursery on CBeebies in… Continue reading »

Tree Fu Tom came to visit!

Tree Fu Snow DVD

We’ve been fans of Tree Fu Tom since the CBeebies TV series began.  You may remember we recently reviewed a Tree Fu Tom jigsaw puzzle set.  The series centres on Tom; a boy who transforms into the miniature superhero ‘Tree Fu Tom’ with ‘Tree Fu movement magic’.  He’s joined by… Continue reading »

The Hive Buzzbee to the Rescue DVD and giveaway

The Hive Buzzbee to the Rescue DVD

We’re big nature fans in this house, especially of mini-beasts as regular readers of the blog will know.  So we were rather taken with The Hive when we discovered it on TV.  Monkey has become quite a fan of Buzzbee, his sister Rubee and their friends.  So when the lovely… Continue reading »

Tractor Ted – DVD review – Meets the Horses

As you’ll remember from my previous post we were recently sent some lovely goodies by the people at Tractor Ted. Tractor Ted is a little green tractor who lives in Tractorland. Today we decided to watch a DVD, Tractor Ted Meets the Horses. In this DVD we get to meet… Continue reading »