100 Facts Butterflies & Moths – review and giveaway

100 Facts Butterflies & Moths

One of the things I really enjoyed when we were on holiday, was watching Monkey with his Gramps, two bug hunters together.  The master and his willing student, absorbing every fact that Gramps could impart.  Spotting Monarch butterflies fluttering around the hotel grounds in the early evenings was a highlight… Continue reading »

Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack from the Forestry Commission

Gruffalo Teachers Pack from the Forestry Commission

Monkey is going on a school trip to Salcey Forest today, to explore the Stick Man Trail. the weather threw a bit of a spanner in the arrangements as they should have gone yesterday. But fingers crossed for friendlier weather today so that he and his friends can have some fun. They… Continue reading »

We’re going on a …… Snail Hunt

As you know from an earlier post I grew up being inspired by my father to love nature and appreciate the world around me.  I always try to point out animals, birds and insects etc to Monkey whenever we are off on our travels and on our pre-school walks we… Continue reading »

Twinkl – a wealth of downloadable resources at the click of a button

I was recently asked by Twinkl to have a look at their website and share my thoughts.  So, who are Twinkl? Well, Twinkl offer over 60,000 hand drawn downloadable resources which are used by primary schools and other educational settings all over the UK and beyond.  They also have a… Continue reading »