Snail World from Interplay UK

Snail World from Interplay UK

Regular readers know how much Monkey and I love a good snail hunt. These little creatures fascinate us both. We look for all the different coloured shells and admire them as they slither along, I try to forgive them for eating my plants along the way. We are big fans of the My Living World […]

Vtech DigiGo

Vtech DigiGo #VTechDigiGo

Monkey’s been brought up surrounded by Vtech toys since he was a few months old. When we were asked to become a Vtech DigiGo Ambassador with Tots100 for the next 3 months I jumped at the chance. Over the last few years he’s moved on from his Vtech Laptop to the Innotab 2, and although […]

Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus

Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus

Now that Monkey is really starting to show an interest in reading I thought it would be an ideal time to get him a Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus.  Miles Kelly have a lovely version, packed with useful information delivered in a clear and precise way for younger readers. The dictionary part of this book contains lots […]

Children's Encyclopedia Space

Children’s Encyclopedia Space

As Monkey is soon to turn 6 and loves factual books as well as story books I really want to broaden the range of books we have at home for him.  I was recently introduced to Miles Kelly when I won Monkey a lovely book all about dinosaurs and I want instantly impressed.  Monkey is […]

Magic Cauldron Game

Magic Cauldron Game – review and giveaway

Monkey has been having lots of fun this term at school, everything he’s been learning has been under the theme of Magic. It’s really got him interested in arts, craft, reading, writing and maths this term, which has thrilled me. Long may that continue. Wanting to strike whilst the iron was hot and with Halloween just […]

Shopping List has been updated

Shopping List has been updated – review and giveaway

If you read my post about Orchard Toys becoming my sponsor for this years BritMums Live, then you will know that our love of the brand stems back to the Shopping List game. When I first bought the game we didn’t play by the rules at all.  Monkey’s speech was delayed and I would put […]