Painting on a rainy day

Painting on a rainy day

Well the weather has been rather grim lately, and Monkey’s suffering a bit with cabin fever as I’ve not been well this last week.  I’d promised him that today he could try out some of his birthday presents, we’ve been painting on a rainy day! Our special friend ‘Sheba’ had… Continue reading »

Big City Wooden Airport – Early Learning Centre

Big City Wooden Airport, ELC

Having made the decision to review some of the toys/games that Monkey received for his birthday and Christmas last December, review number two is for the Early Learning Centre – Big City Wooden Airport which we bought for his third birthday in December. I love wooden toys. They feel so… Continue reading »

Crafty Friday with Monkey

Monkey does a 5 hour session at pre-school on Friday’s and always comes home exhausted.  Being as stubborn as a mule (who knows where he gets that from??) he refuses to nap in his bed or on the sofa, and will normally run around the living room like a lunatic,… Continue reading »