The Kids’ Family Tree Book

The Kids' Family Tree Book

I’m always rather amazed that being the history nut that I am, that I never looked at my own family history until my parents were emigrating some 12 years ago.  Once you start looking into the branches of your own family it really does become quite addictive.  I’m aware as… Continue reading »

Animal Planet Dinosaurs! – a book review

Animal Planet Dinosaurs!

My 7 year old son has been enjoying the chapter book Animal Planet Dinosaurs! recently and I’m sure if you’ve got a young dinosaur fan, they may well do too.  Now, don’t be too surprised, I’m still the one doing the reading here, but this chapter book is aimed at children… Continue reading »

100 Facts Butterflies & Moths – review and giveaway

100 Facts Butterflies & Moths

One of the things I really enjoyed when we were on holiday, was watching Monkey with his Gramps, two bug hunters together.  The master and his willing student, absorbing every fact that Gramps could impart.  Spotting Monarch butterflies fluttering around the hotel grounds in the early evenings was a highlight… Continue reading »

Children’s Encyclopedia Space

Children's Encyclopedia Space

As Monkey is soon to turn 6 and loves factual books as well as story books I really want to broaden the range of books we have at home for him.  I was recently introduced to Miles Kelly when I won Monkey a lovely book all about dinosaurs and I… Continue reading »

Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea

Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea

Today I have an absolute gem of a book to share with you.  It’s a picture book, but it is crammed for of educational facts about the world of aquatic creatures.  We explore rock pools and end up in the ocean.  Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea is a magical… Continue reading »